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Recent Articles: September 2006


ATA 2006 Elections: Candidate Statements The election this year is to fill three directors' positions.

International Translation Day

By Kirk Anderson
Hallmark has yet to grace International Translation Day with a greeting card, but that will not keep language industry professionals from celebrating.

"Laissez les bons temps rouler"

By Beth Nazar
Register for ATA's Annual Conference now at so you can savor New Orleans' unique flavor!

Workplace Fear Factor: Would You Rather Eat Bugs than Do Employee Performance Evaluations?
By Kim Vitray
At least once a year, every employee deserves an investment of your time, effort, and personal attention in an honest and formal evaluation of their performance. Follow these tips to make the event as positive, productive, and painless as possible.

Improving the Organization and Workflow of Your Freelance Business
By Dorothee Racette
Here are some low-tech strategies to improve the profitability, organization, and sustainability of your freelance business.

Glossary Mining, Part III: Digging for Buried Treasure
By Lee Wright
You will be surprised what kind of valuable information you can dig up with a little persistence.

Sharing Lessons Learned
By John P. Shaklee
Mentors teach the rudiments so court interpreters may help guarantee equal access for all citizens to the legal system.

Risk Management for Language Service Providers
By Ralf Lemster
Turning risk taking into a conscious decision is key to being in control of your business.