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Recent Articles: September 2007


ATA 2007 Elections: Candidate Statements
ATA will hold its regularly scheduled election at the upcoming 2007 ATA Annual Conference in San Francisco, California, to elect a president-elect, secretary, treasurer, and three directors.

A Gigabyte of New Information: ATA Translation Tools Seminar
By Corinne McKay
With approximately 80 attendees from across the country, ATA’s latest seminar provided a weekend packed with discussions about how translators and interpreters can optimize the role of technology in their work.

People Who Work in Glass Houses: Disciplinary Policies Across Member States of the Consortium for State Court Interpreter Certification
By Carola E. Green and Wanda Romberger
Several states have adopted, or are in the process of adopting, disciplinary policies for interpreters who violate a code of ethics. There are similarities and differences among the states’ policies, but the trend of adopting such policies is here to stay.

The Virtual Way to Vista
By Frank Dietz
Where can translators find out the exact phrasing of a specific menu, button, dialog box, or message in their target-language version of Vista?

Glossary Mining: Brush Up Your English
By Lee Wright
In addition to writing usage and vocabulary, this comprehensive list addresses a number of other aspects that often come into play during the translation process, including slang and idiomatic expressions, acronyms and abbreviations, collocations and collective nouns, and language etymology.

Déjà Vu X Professional: A Review of Version 7.5, Part II
By Naomi de Moraes
A product review from the viewpoint of a freelance translator.