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Recent Articles: September 2009


ATA 2009 Elections: Candidate Statements
ATA will hold its regularly scheduled election to elect a president-elect, secretary, treasurer, and four directors (three three-year positions and one one-year position).

Please Welcome … ATA’s New Client Outreach Kit
By Dorothee Racette, Lillian Clementi, and Chris Durban
ATA has rolled out a new business development tool designed to raise awareness of professional translation, inform translation consumers, and help you attract new clients by positioning yourself as a solution provider—a triple win.

The Value of Conferences
By Grant Hamilton
Attending industry conferences is a lot more valuable than first meets the eye. Read on to learn the five benefits you can derive from them.

The Sub-language of E-mail
By Wendy Griswold
Translating e-mail can be a challenge for many reasons, including lack of context and deliberate obfuscation. This article offers strategies for overcoming these obstacles.

Opinion/Editorial: Respect
By Terena Bell
The lack of respect shown to our industry by those outside of our industry is our own fault, and no one can fix it but us.

ATA: Looking Back Through Words
A lexicographer’s life: Dr. Richard Ernst