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Recent Articles: September 2010


ATA 2010 Elections: Candidate Statements
ATA will hold its regularly scheduled elections to select three directors.

Translators Struggle to Prove Their Academic Bona Fides
By Jennifer Howard
Academe needs to take translation more seriously. How can translators reassure deans, department chairs, and other scholarly gatekeepers that translation qualifies as intellectual labor?

Competitive Intelligence: Learn What Your Competitors Are Doing
By Marcela Jenney
By learning what the competition is doing, you will be in a better position to create strategies that will help set your business apart and generate more revenue.

How to Promote Your Services Using LinkedIn
By Michael T. Pellet
This article presents a three-phased process on how to use LinkedIn to help promote your services and find more clients.

Integrating Technology and Translation: ATA/Atlanta Association of Interpreters and Translators Translation Tools Seminar
By Amanda Williams
ATA’s latest seminar provided an opportunity for attendees to begin to discover the abundant technological tools available to help them become more productive, and therefore more profitable.