Agencies, Bureaus, and Companies

ABC-1 (T, 1:45-3:15pm) Leamington E - ALL
A Roundtable for Translation Companies

Steven P. Iverson, president, founder, Iverson Language Associates, Inc., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This presentation will provide a forum for discussing several issues key to running a language business. Topics will include: recruiting; working with, and managing, freelance contractors; credit and collections; the use of the Internet in translation management; and the challenges of managing staff and projects. This will be an interactive presentation, with the presenter offering ideas and asking audience members to share comments and questions. The goal is to help everyone become more effective at managing the business aspects of the booming translation industry.

ABC-2 (T, 3:30-5:00pm) Leamington E - ALL
Client Satisfaction in the Translation Business

Katya Paz-Soldán Beall, linguistic team lead, international product development group, Corel Corporation, Orem, Utah; and Sedef Olcer, founder and managing director, Global Languages and Cultures, Inc., Chicago, Illinois

This presentation will bring in the views of both the translation client and the translation service provider on achieving a mutually satisfactory relationship. Clear and precise communication before, during, and after the project between the parties is essential in completing translation projects successfully. Both sides must understand each other's expectations to the very last detail and be prepared to cooperate in tackling the unexpected. Translation projects require not only linguistic skill, but established processes on both sides which will minimize the impact of constant changes in scope, schedule, resources, and cost. In our very dynamic world of translation, establishing long-term relationships is the key to leverage expertise, resources, and profitability. The presenters will share their real life experiences and focus on important points that will help translation service providers build strong relationships with their clients.

ABC-3 (S, 10:15-11:45am) Leamington E - ALL
Translation Company Division [being established] Annual Meeting
Alex Lane, acting administrator, Translation Company Division [being established], Houston, Texas

ABC-4 (S, 1:45-2:30pm) Leamington E - BEG
How to Successfully Market Yourself to Translation Agencies
George P. Rimalower, president, ISI, Valley Village, California

Agencies use hundreds of translators; unless you stand out from the crowd, you will be overlooked. Solid translation skills are not all that it takes to be a successful translator. This session explores what you can do to enhance your standing with translation agencies. Translators attending this session will learn how they can become the kind of translator agencies prefer. Discussions will address the best ways to approach a prospective agency and how to "sell" your services.

ABC-5 (S, 1:45-3:15pm) Leamington B - ALL
Translator-Editor Cooperation: Ideal and Reality
Birgit Heine, freelance translator, editor, and German and English language consultant, Monterey, California; and Manfred J. Heine, associate professor, Monterey Institute of International Studies, Salinas, California

The authors explore some of the problems of translator-editor cooperation. While it seems to be a matter of common sense that the two work together, the "real world" turns out to be quite different. Based on a survey of translation firms and agencies and freelance translators in the U.S., as well as on their own professional experience, the authors draw some conclusions and offer proposals for making the entire process more effective and, ideally, more satisfying for the "parties concerned."

ABC-6 (S, 3:30-4:15pm) Leamington E - INT/ADV
Helping Agencies Improve Sales Results with Integrated Sales Automation Tools
Brian Briggs, managing director, Language Partners International, Inc., Chicago, Illinois

You've invested quite a bit of time and money developing your agency's Web site, and it looks great. But now you're wondering when you're going to start to see some return on this investment. Your sales team seems busy, but improving the bottom line is what counts. Now there are affordable tools available that can help you implement an integrated, automated sales process from start to finish. Instead of only seeing how many "hits" your Web site receives every day, you can learn how to implement tools that will allow you to track your first contact with a new prospect, through the delivery of a written proposal, to the completed job - fully automated! There's never been a better time to look at automating your sales process in a way that produces repeatable, measurable results.


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