G-1 (F, 10:15-11:45am) Fairfield - ALL
German Language Division Annual Meeting
Claudia Kellersch, administrator, ATA German Language Division, Bellevue, Washington

G-2 (S, 9:15-10:00am) Bayleys Baroney - ALL
Translating Geography or "I Am Not Ready to Go to Kalamazoo"
Peter W. Krawutschke, founding director, Translation Center and professor of German, Western Michigan University, and past ATA president, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Did you ever wonder where Lake Boden might be located or why Flensburg plays a significant role in shaping German behavior? In this session, directed toward German-English translators, the presenter will share his collection of geographia. Suggestions will be made and solicited from the audience on attempted translations. With a few exceptions, we will find that the implied meanings of geographic terms are difficult to translate, if they are translatable at all. Participants are encouraged to bring their own geographic specimen to the session and add them to our collection. Needless to say, had the presenter been familiar with the meaning of the expression in the above title earlier in this life, he might not now be returning to Kalamazoo after this conference.

G-3 (S, 3:30-4:15pm) Palmetto Room - ADV
Translation Quality and Terminology in the Protective Coatings Industry
Dieter Wältermann, senior systems scientist and professor, Language Technologies Institute (School of Computer Science), Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Translating and editing texts from an international clientele in the protective coatings industry demands expertise in several technical areas: chemistry, paint and varnishes, construction industry, crude oil production, processing, and transportation facilities, shipbuilding and marine industry, food processing plants, and various sectors of the transportation industry, such as bridges, roads, railroads, and tunnels. In addition to technical knowledge, any successful translator must necessarily possess the appropriate linguistic knowledge in order to be able to translate such materials. This session (and its workshop) will present central issues related to core terminology in the protective coatings industry as well as the quality of translations in this field. The discussion will be based on numerous examples from two years of translation work for Protective Coatings Europe and feature suggestions on improving style as well as translation quality.


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