Exhibitors' Products/Services Descriptions

The following companies are exhibiting at the ATA Annual Conference in Orlando. Each company provided its own description.

A-A Language Services, Inc. CBooth 44
Contact: Garry Guan

Phone: 770-582-0064
Fax: 770-582-0063
Email: garry@aals.com
Website: http://www.aals.com
AALS is an experienced language service company. We are aware of what translators need to succeed.
Product or Services: AALS offers information on BETINACa revolutionary new software designed to raise profits by cutting cost of production, management, and marketing. The software includes an up-to-date database of over 2000 translation agencies worldwide.

Adams Translation ServicesC Booth 29
Contact: Martha Davilla

Phone: 512-821-1818
Fax: 512-821-1888
Email: mdavilla@adamstrans.com
Website: http://www.adamstrans.com
Adams Translation Services specializes in technical translation into all major European and Asian languages.
Product or Services: Localization/translation of software, Websites, online help, and technical manuals for some of the world's leading technology companies. We are committed to the use of CAT tools to deliver cost-effective, timely, and technically accurate projects.

Adler's Foreign BooksC Booth 49, 50
Contact: David Chmielnicki

Phone: 847-864-0664
Fax: 847-864-0804
Email: info@afb-adlers.com
Website: http://www.afb-adlers.com
Adler's Foreign Books is a specialist in foreign language dictionaries, textbooks, and general literature.
Product or Services: Adler's Foreign Books offers and stocks a large selection of specialized bilingual dictionaries in language, law, medicine, technology, science, etc., as well as text books and trade books in French, German, and Italian.

Berlitz GlobalNETC Booth 45
Contact: James Keller

Phone: 917-339-4830
Fax: 917-339-4777
Email: james.keller@nyc.berlitz.com
Website: http://www.berlitzglobalnet.com
Berlitz GlobalNET is helping customers bring their products and services to world markets faster at a lesser cost.
Product or Services: Berlitz GlobalNET is the world's largest provider of language services for business. We help companies create and maintain multilingual information resources to support business operations worldwide.

BTS Inc./InSageC Booth 43
Contact: Miyako Martin Phone: 856-795-8669
Fax: 856-795-8737
Email: opportunities@btsinc.com
Website: http://www.btsinc.com
BTS is a translation and localization company.
Product or Services: BTS is a global leader in providing multilingual communication solutions. BTS works to help clients design, write, localize, and translate for international markets using a wide range of technical communications including software, documentation, and Website. No other company has the full package.

Comfort Lab, Inc.C Booth 32
Contact: Greg Myers

Phone: 310-306-8434
Fax: 310-305-8731
Email: sales@comfortlab.com
Website: http://www.comfortlab.com
Comfort Lab, Inc. is a distributor of advanced office ergonomic accessories.
Product or Services: Comfort Lab, Inc. offers advanced ergonomic office/desk accessories that simply make computing more comfortable. We offer innovative, award winning items to help problem areas such as the wrists, neck, eyes, shoulders, elbows, and hands.

Continental Book Company, Inc.C Booth 37
Contact: Maurice Stambouli

Phone: 303-289-1761
Fax: 303-289-1764
Email: cbc@continentalbook.com
Website: http://www.continentalbook.com
Continental Book Company, Inc. is a foreign languages book company.
Product or Services: Continental Book Company, Inc. imports and distributes French, Spanish, and German ESL materials for all levels and all interests.

Diplomatic Language Services, Inc.C Booth 7
Contact: Yvan Hennecart

Phone: 703-243-4856
Fax: 703-358-9189
Email: yhennecart@dls-inc.com
Website: http://www.dls-inc.com
DLS is a foreign language services provider.
Product or Services: DLS is a leading provider of translation, interpreting, and language training services for commercial and government clients. All services are on the GSA schedule.

Echo InternationalC Booth 57
Contact: Dana Barras

Phone: 412-261-1101
Fax: 412-261-1159
Email: dana@echotrans.com
Website: http://www.echotrans.com
Echo International provides global communication services.
Product or Services: Echo International's services include translation, Web design, software localization, multilanguage desktop publishing, global fluency training, as well as interpreting.

Elsevier ScienceC Booth 52
Contact: Paul Jang

Phone: 212-633-3756
Fax: 212-633-3112
Email: pjang@elsevier.com
Website: http://www.elsevier.com
Elsevier Science publishes journals and books.
Product or Services: The Elsevier Science Website, www.elsevier.nl/locate/dictionaries, gives full information on Elsevier dictionaries. Printed catalogues and a free demo version of "Elsevier Dictionaries on CD-ROM" are available at the Elsevier booth.

eTranslate, Inc.C Booth 62, 63
Contact: Jim Koulias

Fax: 415-371-0011
Email: membership@etranslate.com
Website: http://www.etranslate.com
eTranslate specializes in globalizing Websites for top-tier companies.
Product or Services: eTranslate's language professionals worldwide focus on the linguistic, cultural, and technical localization of Websites, using our latest technology for quick, efficient, high-quality service.

Excel Translations, Inc.C Booth 34
Contact: Hervé Rodriguez

Phone: 415-434-4224
Fax: 415-434-4221
Email: info@xltrans.com
Website: http://www.yourtranslationpartner.com
Excel Translations, Inc. offers I18N and LION services in any language.
Product or Services: Excel Translations, Inc. is an ISO-9002 certified company providing I18N and LION services to Fortune 500 companies and regulated industries.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)C Booth 35
Contact: Lisa Gammons

Phone: 202-324-8815
Fax: 202-324-8526
Email: lisagammons@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.fbijobs.com
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is a Federal law enforcement agency.
Product or Services: The Federal Bureau of Investigation will have brochures and fliers available that provide information about employment opportunities for linguists.

Fujitsu Software CorporationC Booth 17
Contact: Yoshi Aoki

Phone: 800-603-8105
Fax: 408-456-7960
Email: aoki@fs.fujitsu.com
Website: http://www.translingo.com
Fujitsu Software Corporation specializes in the Japanese/English translation software ATLAS.
Product or Services: Fujitsu Software Corporation specializes in the Japanese/English translation software ATLAS that provides top quality translation, 25 technical term dictionaries, and the ability to help translators build their own dictionaries.

GENER-X/Ordiplan DivisionC Booth 11
Contact: François Roy

Phone: 450-442-2379
Fax: 450-442-4801
Email: froy@ordiplan.com
Website: http://www.ordiplan.com
GENER-X is a software division of Ordiplan Inc. with a mission to develop software solutions by incorporating industry know-how, expertise in emerging technologies, and proven methodologies to help organizations in the information age workplace.
Product or Services: GENER-X will be presenting its international award winning Translation Automation Process software entitled TRMS-Translation Request Manager System. The TRMS software combines Browser-based client access with a suite of powerful Web server-hosted services.

i.b.d., Ltd.C Booth 46, 47, 48
Contact: Freek Lankhof

Phone: 518-758-1755
Fax: 518-758-6702
Email: lankhof@ibdltd.com
Website: http://www.ibdltd.com
i.b.d., Ltd. is an importer of specialized foreign language dictionaries.
Product or Services: i.b.d., Ltd. is an importer and distributor of specialized foreign language dictionaries and reference books for the professional translator.

Inlingua School of InterpretationC Booth 28
Contact: Harry Obst

Phone: 703-527-8666
Fax: 703-527-8693
Email: intpschool@inlinguadc.com
Website: http://www.inlinguadc.com
Inlingua School of Interpretation is a training school for interpreters.
Product or Services: Inlingua Language Services Center provides information on courses in consecutive interpretation, and offers brochures, a syllabus, and illustrations on the school's training methods.

ISIC Booth 33
Contact: George P. Rimalower

Phone: 818-753-9181
Fax: 818-753-9617
Email: rimalower@isitrans.com
Website: http://www.ISItrans.com
Since 1982, ISI has been providing translation, localization, foreign language graphics, interpreting, and diversity training services.
Product or Services: ISI provides desktop publishing services for translators, including multilingual Website support. ISI helps the translator concentrate on translating because they'll be able to outsource the graphics to us. ISI is also accepting resumes.

John Benjamins Publishing CompanyC Booth 18, 19
Contact: Jessica Balaschak

Phone: 215-836-1200
Fax: 215-836-1204
Email: promotion@benjamins.com
Website: http://www.benjamins.com
John Benjamins Publishing Company deals in publications that are of use in the interpretation and translation professions.
Product or Services: John Benjamins Publishing will display academic books and journals on translating and interpreting.

L'Arc-en-plumeC Booth 20
Contact: Daniele Heinen

Phone: 514-341-5304
Fax: 514-341-5304
Email: 74333.376@compuserve.com
Website: http://www.arcenplume.qc.ca
L'Arc-en-plume deals with multimedia software in French.
Product or Services: L'Arc-en-plume provides electronic dictionaries and other software in French on CD-ROM and videos. Software in Spanish on CD-ROM and video, as well as paper dictionaries, will be added this year.

The Language Bank, Inc.C Booth 5
Contact: Angela Minella

Phone: 407-894-3300
Fax: 407-894-7825
Email: info@language-bank.com
Website: http://www.language-bank.com
The Language Bank provides interpretation and document translation services.
Product or Services: The Language Bank is committed to providing prompt quality translation, interpretation and simultaneous conferencing services in all languages and fields to include technical, legal, medical and business.

Language for Industry Worldwide, Inc.C Booth 14
Contact: Sherri Meek

Phone: 617-451-1233
Fax: 617-451-2247
Email: smeek@lfiww.com
Website: http://www.lfiww.com
Language for Industry Worldwide is a full service language management firm offering technical writingCdocument and software localization, multilingual Web development, and production services.
Product or Services: Representatives from Language for Industry Worldwide welcome ATA individual and corporate members to learn more about our fast-growing organization.

Language Line ServicesC Booth 24
Contact: Clemencia Macias

Phone: 800-532-4441
Fax: 800-496-5330
Website: http://www.languageline.com
Language Line Services is a 24-hour, over-the-phone interpretation company offering service in 140 languages.
Product or Services: Language Line Services is the world leader in over-the-phone interpretation. Interpreters work from 140 different languages in the fields of medicine, insurance, finance, and emergency services.

Language Networks B.V.C Booth 42
Contact: Al M'charek

Phone: 31203300333
Fax: 31203300334
Email: info@aquarius.net
Website: http://www.aquarius.net
Language Networks B.V. is the first online marketplace for the translation industry.
Product or Services: Aquarius.net offers a one-stop-shop marketplace for the translation industry. Through innovative services such as Rapid Response, customers can auction their projects to over 13,000 professionals in one click.

Language Partners International, Inc.C Booth 60, 61
Contact: Brian Briggs

Phone: 847-492-1600
Fax: 847-492-1677
Email: info@languagepartners.com
Website: http://www.languagepartners.com
Language Partners International provides translation productivity and memory software.
Product or Services: Language Partners International provides a product line which includes the best tools for translators and translation managers. LPI provides tailored solutions for our clients using computer-assisted translation technology.

Language Services AssociatesC Booth 8
Contact: Victoria Schriver

Phone: 800-305-9673
Fax: 215-659-7210
Email: vschriver@lsaweb.com
Website: http://www.lsaweb.com
Language Services Associates is a translation and interpretation company.
Product or Services: Language Services Associates is a full-service language company offering interpretation and translation services, including InterpreTalk, over-the-telephone interpreting, and TranslaText.com, Website and email translation.

Language Technology Centre, Ltd.C Booth 26
Contact: Dr. Adriane Rinsche

Phone: 442085492359
Fax: 442089746994
Email: rinsche@langtech.co.uk
Website: http://www.langtech.co.uk
Language Technology Centre specializes in software development, localization, translation, and multilingual Websites.
Product or Services: Language Technology Centre will display the LTC Organizer. The LTC Organizer is the one-stop-shop for translation/localization companies, integrating client/translator databases with project management, finance, and report modules to manage multilingual documentation.

Lingo SystemsC Booth 30
Contact: Jeff Williams

Phone: 503-224-2256
Fax: 503-224-3663
Email: info@lingosys.com
Website: http://www.lingosys.com
Lingo Systems provides timely and high-quality worldwide translation and localization services.
Product or Services: Lingo Systems offers software and Web localization and training materials/document translation. Lingo Systems also provides quality technical translation for international business in 46 languages. Lingo Systems is currently in need of translators for medical, pharmaceutical, engineering, and software/hardware projects.

M2 LimitedC Booth 6
Contact: Don Briggs

Phone: 301-977-4281
Fax: 301-926-5046
Email: marketing@m2ltd.com
Website: http://www.M2ltd.com
M2 Limited provides globalization, localization, and consultation services.
Product or Services: M2 Limited is a localization company which provides all translation and technical solutions to prepare a product for the international marketplace. Visit us at www.M2ltd.com.

Martindale-HubbellC Booth 40
Contact: Anthony Young

Phone: 800-526-4902
Fax: 908-665-2894
Email: Anthony.Young@martindale.com
Website: http://www.martindale.com
Martindale-Hubbell advertises to law firms nationwide.
Product or Services: Martindale-Hubbell provides a cost-effective way to advertise to attorneys, law firms, and corporate legal departments around the corner and around the world through the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory.

McNeil MultilingualC Booth 36
Contact: Richard Nelson

Phone: 703-921-1600
Fax: 703-921-1610
Email: rnelson@mcneilmulti.com
Website: http://www.mcneilmulti.com
McNeil Multilingual is an advanced multilingual computing and services provider.
Product or Services: McNeil Multilingual provides a full range of language services from short translation/interpretation assignments to complete communications programs. McNeil specializes in multilingual Web, computing, multimedia, and e-commerce solutions.

Monterey Institute of International StudiesC Booth 41
Contact: Robert Kohls

Phone: 831-647-4192
Fax: 831-647-3560
Email: rkohls@miis.edu
Website: http://www.miis.edu
Monterey Institute of International Studies is a graduate school of translation and interpretation.
Product or Services: Monterey Institute of International Studies will display brochures and applications for its programs.

MultiCorpora R&D, Inc.C Booth 16
Contact: Gerry Gervais

Phone: 819-778-7070
Fax: 819-778-0801
Email: info@multicorpora.com
Website: http://www.multicorpora.com
MultiCorpora offers a wide variety of state-of-the-art translation tools.
Product or Services: MultiCorpora brings to the industry a set of cutting edge technology translation tools capable of quickly and efficiently supporting high-volume and complex translation activities, while respecting the highest quality standards of the profession.

MultiLing International, Inc.C Booth 22
Contact: Brian Chandler

Phone: 801-377-2000
Fax: 801-377-7085
Email: bchandler@multiling.com
Website: http://www.multiling.com
MultiLing International provides translation/localization services and technology.
Product or Services: MultiLing International teaches an easier and friendlier way to succeed in the translation business. Come and see how a company fully integrates language services and technology.

Multilingual Matters Ltd.C Booth 25
Contact: Tommi Grover

Phone: 441275876519
Fax: 441275871673
Email: tommi@multilingual-matters.com
Website: http://www.multilingual-matters.com
Multilingual Matters Ltd. is a leading academic publisher in translation and translation studies.
Product or Services: Our series provides the most up-to-date range of books available today, emphasizing the importance of translation in global society and literature.

NetworkOmniC Booth 38, 39
Contact: Irena Stone

Phone: 805-379-1090
Fax: 805-446-4158
Email: irenas@networkomni.com
Website: http://www.omni@networkomni.com
NetworkOmni provides translating, interpreting, and DTP services.
Product or Services: NetworkOmni offers online interpreting procedure demonstrations, literature, and educational materials.

OpenTranslate.comC Booth 51
Contact: Jack Hughes

Phone: 401-831-2748
Fax: 401-861-1380
Email: rjh@opentranslate.com
Website: http://www.OpenTranslate.com
OpenTranslate.com is an online translation marketplace.
Product or Services: OpenTranslate.com is an online translation marketplace where translators can find projects that match their areas of expertise and clients can find translators to match their needs.

Peter Collin PublishingC Booth 21
Contact: Simon Collin

Phone: 312-337-0747
Fax: 312-337-5985
Email: simon@petercollin.com
Website: http://www.petercollin.com
Peter Collin Publishing is an independent publisher of English and bilingual dictionaries.
Product or Services: Peter Collin Publishing publishes a wide range of specialist bilingual dictionaries, including Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Swedish, Polish, Romanian, and Slovenian.

Schreiber Translations, Inc.C Booth 2, 3
Contact: Morry Schreiber

Phone: 301-424-7737
Fax: 301-424-2336
Email: mschreiber@schreibernet.com
Website: http://www.schreibernet.com
Schreiber Translations, Inc. is a leading full-service translation company.
Product or Services: Schreiber Translations, Inc. is taking advantage of the ATA conference as an opportunity to say hello to our existing translators as well as welcome new ones. Don't miss our booth. Dictionaries, reference books, the Translator's Handbook, tools and more, all for translators, will be available.

SDL InternationalC Booth 12
Contact: Denise Baldwin

hone: 441628410162
Email: dbaldwin@sdlintl.com
Website: http://www.sdlintl.com
SDL is a globalization and localization solutions company.
Product or Services: SDLX Translation Memory Tool offers concise, user friendly interface that supports TMX, Unicode, and OpenTag. SDLX improves the translator's productivity and helps reduce costs.

SemantixC Booth 23
Contact: Marie-Claude Jasmin

Phone: 514-848-9621
Fax: 514-848-9741
Email: mjasmin@semantix.com
Website: http://www.semantix.com
Semantix develops innovative solutions that e-market today's leading language services and channel them directly into their clients' environment.
Product or Services: Semantix.com is the business-to-business language portal that provides a complete line of services from reference books to hiring and offering services of translation bureaus the world over.

STAR-USA, LLCC Booth 58, 59
Contact: Thierry Jambage

Phone: 856-795-6620
Fax: 856-795-6651
Email: thierry@star-usa.net
Website: http://www.star-usa.net
STAR-USA, LLC is a worldwide translation company and translation tools developer.
Product or Services: STAR-USA, LLC will introduce and demonstrate Transit Translation Memory Tool and TermStar Terminology Tool.

Syntes Language Group, Inc.C Booth 13
Contact: Linda Eaton

Phone: 303-779-1288
Fax: 303-779-1232
Email: linda.eaton@syntes.com
Website: http://www.syntes.com
Syntes is a full-service translation, interpreting, and localization company.
Product or Services: Syntes representatives will be available to meet translators, interpreters, and other language professionals. Please come by to meet us and update your record.

TRADOS CorporationC Booth 9, 10
Contact: Edith Westfall

Phone: 703-683-6900
Fax: 703-683-9457
Email: info-us@trados.com
Website: http://www.trados.com
TRADOS offers translation memory software development.
Product or Services: TRADOS works to enhance linguistic technology, to automate recurrent translation work and support, and to standardize corporate terminology.

Translation BureauC Booth 1
Contact: Thérèse Lessard

Phone: 819-994-5311
Fax: 819-997-1993
Email: therese.lessard@pwgsc.gc.ca
Website: http://www.translationbureau.gc.ca
The Translation Bureau is the translation agency of the Government of Canada.
Product or Services: TERMIUM Plus, the new version of TERMIUM on the Internet, now updated monthly and includes three million French-English terms, the three Translation Bureau's writing guides: The Canadian Style, Le guide du redacteur, and the Lexique analogique, and more than 70,000 Spanish terms.

Transperfect Translations, Inc.C Booth 27
Contact: Liz Elting

Phone: 212-689-5555
Fax: 212-689-1059
Email: lelting@transperfect.com
Website: http://www.transperfect.com
Transperfect offers international communication services.
Product or Services: TransPerfect provides a wide range of international communication services including translation, interpreting, voice-overs, and multicultural marketing. Freelancers interested in working with us should email linguistic_resources@transperfect.com.

Uniscape, Inc.C Booth 31
Contact: Rachelle Acuna-Narvaez

Phone: 650-596-1430
Fax: 650-596-1436
Email: rnarvaez@uniscape.com
Website: http://www.uniscape.com
Uniscape is an Application Service Provider (ASP) enabling Web globalization.
Product or Services: Uniscape is an ASP that provides Web localization services. The Uniscape.com globalization platform includes an eServices Marketplace where translators can advertise to Uniscape customers and download Uniscape's free Translator Studio Software.

Voice Productions InternationalC Booth 4
Contact: Maya León Meis

Phone: 303-422-6702
Fax: 303-422-5118
Email: mayaleonmeis@compuserve.com
Website: http://www.voiceprod.com
Voice Productions International is a division of Cosmopolitan Business Communications, Inc. specializing in audio/video/multimedia projects, translation, localization and synchronization of scripts, voice-over and on-camera professionals, post-production assistance, and voice-over training to language specialists.
Product or Services: Voice Productions International provides "Professional Secrets of Foreign Voice Recording," a training package in the field of script translation, studio recording, and post production. Onsite customized seminars/workshops available for any ATA affiliate or translation agency. Call 1-800-691-6767.

Welocalize.comC Booth 15
Contact: Patricia Sire

Phone: 301-668-0330
Fax: 301-668-0335
Email: patricia@welocalize.com
Website: http://www.welocalize.com
Welocalize.com is a multi-language Globalization Services company.
Product or Services: Welocalize.com is a new and unique multi-language Globalization Services company offering Web-enabled, enterprise-wide translation, localization and internationalization solutions across Internet, client/server, desktop and print environments. Our clients include companies such as Cisco Systems, MCI WorldCom, InstallShield, and Xerox.