Book Splash Registration Form

American Translators Association
41st Annual Conference
Wyndham Palace Resort, Orlando, Florida
September 20-23, 2000

Book Splash

A Special Event to Celebrate Books and the People Who Make Them

Book Splash is a special event to be held at the ATA Annual Conference on Thursday evening, September 21 to celebrate books and the people who make them. If you are a writer, translator, editor, or publisher of books, please preregister for Book Splash by filling out the form below; then bring a copy of your book or books to this event. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to browse among the books, chat with their authors, translators, editors, and publishers, and generally enjoy the ambiance of the world of books and those who love them. Participants must preregister by August 15. Please join us! Everyone is welcome to participate.

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Note: Participants are welcome to bring ordering information and forms, but no sales at the Splash, please.

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