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American Translators Association
44th Annual Conference
November 5-8, 2003
Pointe South Mountain Resort
Phoenix, Arizona

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Cancelled Sessions

Cancelled sessions have been cancelled by the speakers involved, not by ATA.
Thursday (November 6)
Thursday (2:30-3:15pm)
Talking Southern: What Every Interpreter Working in the South Should Know

Presenter: Diana Garcia Gafford     
Thursday (3:30-5:00pm)
Slavic Game Show: Double Jeopardy

Presenters: Larissa Kulinich and Steve Shabad
Friday (November 7)
C-3 Friday (1:45-2:30pm)
Some Mistakes in English>Chinese Translations

Presenter: Gang Li
C-5 Friday (3:30-4:15pm)
Film and TV Translation in China

Presenters: Shu Chang, Zhao Yun, and Ping Zou
F-3 Friday (10:15-11:45am)
Atelier sur la cooccurrence en traduction juridique

Presenter: Louis Beaudoin
S-5 Friday (3:30-4:15pm)
Juan Rulfo en la Traducción Literaria: Análisis comparativo y crítico de fragmentos de dos de sus obras traducidas

Presenter: Lilia A. Pierdant Guzman
Saturday (November 8)
ABC-14 Saturday (4:15-5:00pm)
El Bufete de Traducción de la Universidad de Sonora: Un espacio que brinda aprendizaje y servicio
Presenter: Lilia A. Pierdant Guzman  
F-6 Saturday (8:30-10:00am)
A Comparative Look at the French and American Legal Systems

Presenter: Robert Lee Smith
F-8 Saturday (11:00-11:45am)
Atelier sur les prépositions en traduction juridique
Presenter: Louis Beaudoin
F-9 Saturday (1:45-2:30pm)
Systemic and Linguistic Specificities of Legal Language—A Case in Point: Legal Translation in Canada
Presenter: Louis Beaudoin
I-2 Thursday (2:30-3:15pm)
Talking Southern: What Every Interpreter Working in the South Should Know

Presenter: Diana Garcia Gafford
I-9 Saturday (10:15-11:45am)
Interpretation and Justice

Presenters: Laura E. Wolfson, Maya Hess,William Hewitt, and Ron Wolfe
I-10 Saturday (1:45-3:15pm)
The Role of the Immigration Court Interpreter

Presenters: Karen C. Manna, Hector A. Suco, Deborah A. Castro, and Elisa M. Sukkar
I-14 Saturday (4:15-5:00pm)
Back-Translation Technique: Can This Person Really Interpret?

Presenter: James W. Plunkett
L-10 Saturday (3:30-4:15pm)
Homer, the Great English, Spanish, German, French Novelist

Presenter: Isabel Garayta
MED-9 Saturday (10:15-11:45am)
A Brainstorming Session of Medical Translation Researc
Presenter: Lydia Razran Stone
TERM-1 Saturday (1:45-2:30pm)
A Comprehensive Indonesian>English Dictionary

Presenter: Alan M. Stevens
TERM-2 Saturday (2:30-3:15pm)
Do/Should/Can Bilingual Dictionaries Tell the Truth?

Presenter: Martyn Back




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