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American Translators Association Committees

The Association has established a number of standing and ad hoc committees to address issues that affect individual ATA members as well as the organization as a whole. Committee Chairs, all of whom must be voting members of the Association, are appointed by the ATA President.

The ATA Bylaws designate the following standing committees: Executive, Finance and Audit, Ethics, Membership, and Nominating and Leadership Development. The purpose of each standing committee is also outlined in the Bylaws. Other committees, whether standing or ad hoc, are established as needed by the Board of Directors.

ATA is a volunteer-driven organization and member participation is the strength behind many of the Association’s programs and events. There are many opportunities for members to get involved, give back to the Association, work with fellow members, and broaden their professional network.

An Annual Committees Report is available here as a PDF document. Please click the committee name for specific objectives and charges.

Business Practices Education

Frieda Ruppaner-Lind, Chair
Gabe Bokor
Steven Capsuto
Jeana Clark
Chris Durban
Helen Eby
David Friedman
May Fung Danis
Ana Iaria
Odile Legeay
Danielle Maxson
Paul Merriam
Brian Middleton
Stephanie Tramdack Cash
Ann Marie Tunney
Susanne van Eyl
Ted Wozniak


David A. Stephenson, Chair
Michèle Hansen, First Deputy Chair & Secretary
Larry Bogoslaw, Second Deputy Chair & Grader Trainer
Isabelle Berquin
Mercedes de la Rosa-Sherman
Nora Favorov
Rudy Heller
Holly Mikkelson
Andrea Nemeth-Newhauser
Izumi Suzuki


Antonio E. Guerra, Chair
Anne Connor
Kathryn German
Mary Maloof
Christina Green
Marion Rhodes
ATA Chapter Officers


Lucy Gunderson, Chair
Eve Bodeux
John Riedl
Tapani Ronni
Clarissa Surek-Clark

Education and Pedagogy
(Non-ATA Programs)

Caitilin Walsh, Chair
Betsy Ainsworth-Grimes
Jinny Bromberg
Renée Jourdenais
Geoff Koby
Bill Rivers
Courtney Searls-Ridge
Barry Slaughter Olsen
Kathleen Stein-Smith


Jill Sommer, Chair
Mike Collins
Jutta Diel-Dominique
Jennifer Guernsey
Odile Legeay
Tricia Perry
Ted Wozniak

Finance and Audit

John Milan, Chair
Evelyn Garland
Geoff Koby
Corinne McKay
Karen Tkaczyk
Ted Wozniak

Governance and Communications

Ted Wozniak, Chair
Geoff Koby

Government Relations Committee

Corinne McKay, Chair
Jennifer DeCamp
Bill Rivers
Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo
Melinda Gonzalez-Hibner

Honors and Awards

Lois M. Feuerle, Chair
Gertrude Champe
Heide Crossley
Robin Estererg
Lois Federal
Jean Leblon
Connie Prener
Courtney Searls-Ridge
Carol Stennes

Interpretation Policy Advisory

Melinda Gonzalez-Hibner, Chair
Milena Calderari-Waldron
Marisa Gillio
Tony Guerra
Cristina Helmerichs
Isabelle Olesen
Izumi Suzuki
Carol Velandia


Christina Green , Chair
Catherine Christaki
Yolanda Secos
Joseph Wojowski


Kyle Vraa, Chair
Lori Colman Lindeman
Susanne van Eyl

Nominating and Leadership Development

David Rumsey, Chair
Committee will be approved by Board in January 2018

Professional Development
(ATA Programs)

Anne Connor, Chair
Karen Tkaczyk

Public Relations

Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo, Chair
Matt Baird
Stephanie Cash
Anne Connor
Martin Cross
Elena Langdon
Meghan McCallum
Birgit Vosseler-Brehmer
Sonia Wichmann
Molly Yurick


Jennifer DeCamp, Chair
Amanda Curry
Bill Hindle
Steve Lank
Melinda Lyons
Alan Melby
Mandy Pet
Bill Rivers
Monique Roske
Jara Warburton
Sue Ellen Wright

Translation and Interpreting Resources

Jost O. Zetzsche, Chair
Tuomas Kostiainen
Yves Averous