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ATA Webinar Series

How to Get the Most Out of Your ATA Membership


Presenters:   Naomi Sutcliffe de Moraes, Mary David
Duration:   60 minutes
CE Point(s):    1
Availability:   Available for viewing now. Free!
Handout:    Online Resources

Part 1: Increase Income

To get more work, build relationships with other translators. To get more money for the work you do, learn more about the business and specialize. Become a better translator. (We all can improve!) Work for more direct clients.

To ensure you get paid, vet translation agencies/companies before you accept the job.

Part 2: Build Relationships

  • Never Eat Alone
    Keith Ferrazzi. Crown Business publisher (February 22, 2005)

Part 3: Learn

Resources: People
Resources: Publications
Resources: Formal Training
Resources: Translation Tools

To Do List

Brainstorming List

  • What questions do you have about the profession?
  • Where can you find the answers?
  • Who might have the answers?

A free recording of this webinar is available. Click How to Get the Most Out of Your ATA Membership.