Three Steps to a Winning Shot

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Three Steps to a Winning Shot

  1. Make sure the photo clearly shows that you're talking about translation and/or interpreting.

  2. This could include words behind you on a whiteboard, chalkboard, or flip chart; an interesting prop; or classroom decorations such as flags, foreign vocabulary or maps. Visual interest improves the quality of your photograph and makes your presentation more interesting and engaging.

  3. Include yourself and one or more students in the photo if you can.

  4. If the school's confidentiality policy prohibits showing children's faces in the photo, try a shot that shows them from the back. Don't hesitate to ask the teacher to take the photograph for you, or ask if the school newspaper or yearbook is interested in photographing your presentation. As a last resort, you can invite a translator colleague, family member, or friend to come along and take pictures.

  5. Aim for a photo that's clear enough for effective reproduction in The ATA Chronicle and promotional materials.

    It should be visually pleasing as well, although we're willing to do some cropping and enhancing if the content is good.

The ideal photograph would combine all of these elements to create a picture that captures the fun of translation and interpreting, your passion for the profession, and the interest and engagement of your audience. Now that's a great shot!