ATA Continuing Education Approval Request Form

General Information:

ATA maintains a database of approved events at which ATA-certified members may earn continuing education points (CEPs).

For events not listed, an ATA approval request must be completed and submitted to ATA Headquarters.

Approval may be requested either prior to an event or after an event, with the understanding that the approval may be denied if documentation is insufficient or if the educational content does not meet ATA criteria.

Individuals and groups requesting CEPs will be notified by ATA Headquarters that the event has been approved for a particular number of CEPs or that the request is denied. There is a $50.00 application fee per CEP request for non-members.

Individuals must keep track of their earned CEPs and report them to ATA Headquarters every three years upon request.

ATA offers one CEP per hour for approved seminars, workshops, conferences and presentations, based on full hours (not including meals, breaks, networking sessions, etc.) up to a maximum of 5 CEPs per day, no more than 10 CEPs per event. No partial hours will be counted.

ATA offers a maximum of 5 CEPs for an approved college, university, or other course regardless of its length.

All ATA Chapter educational events are automatically eligible for CEPs.  Events not sponsored by ATA or ATA Chapters must be approved individually.

Tips for completing the form

• Provide a description of the content of the event or presentation—two or three sentences should be sufficient. You should explain how this event is related to professional translation.

• If this is a conference or multi-day event, you will be asked to provide all names and titles of speakers.

• Provide the number of CEPs you are requesting for your attendees—one hour of creditworthy activity equals one CEP—no
partial hours can be counted.

• The form must be signed by the individual recommending the presentation or event for CEP approval.

You will be contacted 10-14 days after your request. It may take longer to review requests if information and required documentation is missing. During the ATA Annual Conference, reviews may take longer.

Fee to submit a CEP Request.

The fee for an ATA Members is $0.

The fee per CEP request for non-members is $50.00.

If you are not an ATA Member Join ATA to save.

Proof of you nonprofit or not-for-profit status will be required at the time of the application submittal.

For more information, please email