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About the ATA-Certified Translator Seal

ATA-Translator Certification Seal

What is the ATA-certified translator seal?

The ATA-certified translator seal was developed for the exclusive use of ATA-certified members in good standing. It offers certified translators an opportunity to document their certification for a client or translation job. The seal includes a member's name, unique certification number, and language combination. The seal also includes a link to an online ATA verification system that allows a client to confirm the member's certification.

How is the ATA-certified translator seal used?

The seal is available electronically as a JPG image. ATA-certified translators may also want to have their seals made into rubber stamps or embossers. Translators may include the seal as part of a translation job or affix the seal to a certification of accuracy statement. For information and certificate of accuracy samples, click here.

What is the ATA certification number?

A unique certification number is assigned to every ATA-certified translator. The member must log in and agree to terms of conditions and use before accessing the number. A client must have the member's certification number to complete the online verification request.

How does a client verify ATA certification?

The client must have the translator's certification number in order to make the verification. After that, it's easy and in real time. Click here to see the ATA-certified translator verification page.

How do I get my ATA certification number?

If you are an ATA-certified member who would like to access your unique certification number, please click here.

How do I get my ATA-certified translator's seal?

If you are an ATA-certified member who would like to download your electronic seal, please click here.

What are the terms of use for the ATA-certified translator seal?

In order to retrieve a certification number, the member must log in and agree to the terms and conditions of use. These terms limit the use of the seal to ATA-certified translators who are currently members in good standing. To read the complete terms and conditions of use, please click here.