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In this issue: Looking ahead to ATA58; Treasurer’s report: first eight months of FY2016–17; Interview with a former war zone interpreter; Interpreting at the UN; Paul Filkin on the SDL AppStore

  • PR-JA2017

    Working to Enhance the Value of ATA

    From the President

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  • PE-JA2017

    Looking Ahead to ATA58

    From the President-Elect

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  • ED-JA2017

    ATA’s Annual Conference: A Gauge for Professional Growth

    From the Executive Director

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  • TR-JA2017

    Report for the First Eight Months of FY2016–17

    Treasurer’s Report

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  • GS-JA2017

    Translators without Borders and Technology


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  • IF-JA2017

    The ABC of United Nations Interpreting

    Interpreters Forum

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Bonus Features

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