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In this issue: ATA at Lenguas 2019; Yes, Conference Interpreting Is a Thing; AI and Translation Technology; Take Charge of Your Rates; Machine Interpreting and Misleading Marketing; and Am I Ready for the Exam?

  • ATA at Lenguas 2019 in Mexico City

    Outreach Report

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  • Yes, Conference Interpreting Is a Thing

    Interpreters Forum

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  • Artificial Intelligence and Translation Technology


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  • Take Charge of Your Rates

    Business Practices

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  • Machine Interpreting and Misleading Marketing

    Resource Review

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  • Am I Ready for the Exam?

    Certification Forum

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  • 2019 ATA Elections: Candidates Announced

    ATA will hold its regularly scheduled elections at the upcoming 2019 ATA Annual Conference in Palm Springs, California, to elect a president-elect, secretary, treasurer, and three directors.

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  • American Translators Association Advocates on Behalf of Interpreters

    The American Translators Association warned federal and state officials about the consequences of lowering their standards for providing professional interpreters.

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  • ATA Position Paper on MT

    Media outlets often hype machine translation as the solution to whatever needs to be translated. The negative impact on human translation services is undeniable. ATA’s position paper offers both consumers and translators alike a comprehensive view of the issues and ATA’s stance on the use of machine translation.

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