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In this issue: April ATA Board meeting highlights; Projecting the cost of ATA’s Annual Conference; Navigating language access in legal proceedings; Interview with a lexicographer; Speech recognition apps

  • PM-MJ2017

    ATA Advocacy Efforts

    From the President

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  • PE—MA2017

    Board Meeting Highlights

    From the Executive Director

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  • FC-MJ2017

    Projecting the Cost of ATA’s Annual Conference

    Finance & Audit Committee Report

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  • OR-MJ2017

    Navigating Language Access in Legal Proceedings at the Philadelphia Bar Association

    Outreach Report

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  • WW-MJ2017

    Interview with John Ayto, Lexicographer

    Our World of Words

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  • BP-MJ2017

    How to Develop Effective Communication Skills to Get and Keep Clients

    Business Practices

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Bonus Features

    • translate

      ATA Client Education Through Public Relations

      For buyers of translation and interpreting services, it’s hard to know where to begin and what questions to ask. ATA’s Public Relations Committee is educating potential clients about why it’s important to hire skilled professionals.

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    • {2CF8D117-0E5A-4AEA-8FEE-A5B7111FD78C}Img100

      Humor and Translation

      Maírtín Ó Cadhain’s [1905-70] Cré na Cille, originally published in 1949, is often said to be the greatest Irish-language novel of the 20th century. But for almost 70 years, the novel remained untranslated into English.

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    • images

      Member News

      Celebrating the accomplishments of our members!

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