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Terminology Management: Why Would I Do That?

Presenter: Barbara Inge Karsch

Date: June 8

Time: 12 Noon U.S. Eastern Daylight

Duration: 60 minutes

CE Point(s): 1

Registration: $45 (ATA Member) $60 (Non-Member)

If you are paid by the word and not by the hour, why would you spend time doing anything BUT translating and producing words? Let terminologist Barbara Inge Karsch show you the view beyond the daily word chase for the best translation! You might just be shortchanging your future productivity at the expense of saving time today.

Attendees will learn:

  • What it means to “manage terminology”
  • Why freelance translators should manage terminology
  • Why a glossary is often not enough
  • Why standards are important and when you can take liberty with them
  • What steps are necessary to manage your terminology

About the Presenter

Barbara Inge Karsch is the owner of BIK Terminology, a terminology consultancy and training company. As a consultant and trainer, she works with companies and organizations on terminology training, terminology development, and implementations of terminology management system (TMS). She draws heavily on her 14 years of experience as in-house terminologist (English and German) for J.D. Edwards and Microsoft. As U.S. delegate to ISO Technical Committee 37, she is leading the revision of ISO 12616 (Translation-Oriented Terminography). She is also the chair of ATA’s Terminology Committee.

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