ATA59 offers specATA59_Prelim_Cover_ONLINEialized opportunities for dedicated translators and interpreters to connect and collaborate while they shape the future of their profession. Review the preliminary conference program and discover what the ATA Conference can offer you!

Join 1,600 of your colleagues to tackle current challenges and work with industry leaders to reach common goals. There is no better opportunity for translators, interpreters, and company owners to learn, share ideas, and build invaluable personal and professional relationships. This is where you belong!

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What do Pirate’s Alley, the Spotted Cat, and Preservation Hall have in common? They’re all in New Orleans, Louisiana, site of ATA’s 59th Annual Conference (October 24-27).

Will you be there? Yes? Then stop by the ATA Conference Event Page on Facebook to let everyone know. And while you’re there, check out who else is going. Finally, don’t forget to share the event in your Facebook News Feed.

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