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Recent Articles: April 2006

School Outreach Profile: Anne Connor
By Lillian Clementi

Click on over to ATA's School Outreach website to see how you can make a difference and earn continuing education points at the same time-what a deal!

Collaboration and Community Abroad: ATA and the Israel Translators Association International Conference

By Michael Ring
A diversified and well-attended program, including a keynote address by ATA President Marian S. Greenfield, set the tone for this first-ever international event.

A Perspective on Humane Editing
By Heidemarie Nelson
Editing is not a popularity contest. There will be no medal for the most amount of red marks in the translated document.

Walking the Talk: Building Trust and Translation Competency
By Angie Carrera
The language access coordinator for Fairfax County (Virginia) brings a serious message from neighboring jurisdictions related to the issues and visions ahead for government translation.

The Challenges of Translating Academic Records
By Ettien Koffi
When academic records are inadequately translated, they hurt the chances of applicants in their pursuit of higher education opportunities.

The Beginning of Wisdom: Some Practical Aspects of Technical Translation
By Nicholas Hartmann
A detailed analysis of an everyday business communication-an e-mail from a regular customer-reveals some of the attitudes and practices of successful technical translators.

Search Engine Optimization for Translators and Interpreters
By Frank Dietz
Search engine optimization takes time and effort on your part, but the reward can be that phone call or e-mail from a new client that starts with the words "I found you through your website."

ATA's Science and Technology Seminar
By Carolyn Quintero
The seminar program in Los Angeles gave participants some excellent opportunities to reinforce their translating skills, gain access to additional resources, and learn more about two specific industrial sectors, each with its unique and specialized terminology.

Choosing the Right Key: Switching Keyboards on a Windows System
By Jost Zetzsche
For good or ill, we're confronted with a plethora of choices for entering non-Englishcharacters. The keys to which ones to choose are in your hands!

In Memoriam: Susana Greiss and Robert L. Addis