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Recent Articles: February 2007


Interview with Marian S. Greenfield, ATA President
By Margaret Powell-Joss
ATA President Marian S. Greenfield talks about ATA with Margaret Powell-Joss, a member of the Swiss Association of Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters.

Survivor: Escape from Project Management Island
By Tina Wuelfing Cargile
Cultivating a project management culture throughout your organization is the key to increasing your personal bandwidth and unlocking the potential that exists in your company.

Translators Hired as Copywriters
By Nina Sattler-Hovdar
Translators are increasingly asked to "translate" slogans, taglines, and other "marketing" material. More often than not, serious client education is in order.

I Must be Myself: Accompanying Orhan Pamuk
By Tuula Kojo, Translated by Jill G. Timbers
A literary translator bears powerful witness to how one author changed her life.

Glossary Mining Part 4: Making It Legal
By Lee Wright
Read on for a list of sites for legal terminology and related sources.

Quality Assurance for In-House Translation: Tips and Tricks
By Dierk Seeburg
Using a systematic approach to translation can help achieve better results. Abiding by a few key principles will lead to translators with better skills who can produce higher quality translations, which will lead to higher customer satisfaction and higher rates of return.