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Recent Articles: January 2006

Fingerprinting Contract Court Interpreters
New Policy from the Administrative Office of the United States Courts

2005 Pro Bono Project

Summary of ATA's Translation and Interpreting Compensation Survey
By Shawn Six

The recently released third edition of the ATA Translation and Interpreting Compensation Survey should prove to be an invaluable benchmarking tool for nearly everyone in or affiliated with the translation and interpreting profession.

ATA Sponsors Video Featuring Freelance Translator
By Ann G. Macfarlane

If you would like to show your own siblings, friends, and family-or students in your classes-a video representation of what freelance translator life entails, now is your chance!

Little Ideas Can Make Big Changes
By Virginia Anderson

The story of how a professional organization, conceived over a game of French Scrabble, has grown to serve Oregon translators and interpreters.

The Language Access Act of Washington, DC
By Maribeth Bandas

A description of the background, passage, implementation, and opportunities that derive from the Language Access Act of Washington, DC.

Facts About Unemployment Insurance
By Ann M. Morris

An explanation of unemployment insurance benefits and the various functions and qualifications involved.

2004 Tax Year: Mary Q. Translator
By John Matthews

A look at possible deductions and how to itemize them. Warning: Do not attempt this without first seeing a qualified tax preparer.

Translating for the Publishing Field

By Enrique Torner

Some tips on how to become a translator for publishing companies, including the challenges and benefits of working in this area.

Where Does Plain English Fit In?
By Cynthia Hazelton

Should translators edit legal documents to make them more readable by the general public? Deciding when and when not to translate legal terminology poses an interesting issue.

In Other Words, Part II
By Leland D. Wright, Jr.

Every language has at its disposal a wide range of stylistic alternatives. Using Spanish-to-English examples selected from commercial, legal, and technical documents, this article discusses how some translation decisions are obligatory while others are optional.

Translation Technology Breeds New Translators
By Vassilis Korkas

Translation tools have changed not only how we work, but also how we think as translators. The author helps us tune into the right mindset.

At Your Command: Creating Customized Keyboard Shortcuts
By Becky Blackley

Save time with keyboard shortcuts designed to meet your individual needs. Gain quick access to keyboard commands not normally available when using a foreign keyboard layout.

Running Your Translating/Interpreting Business From Home
By M. Eta Trabing

Whether you are an interpreter or translator, you will benefit from this useful checklist of do's and don'ts for establishing your business.