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Recent Articles: July 2006


So...Is There a Good Thing About Standards?
By Beatriz Bonnet
This article provides further information on translation quality management standards.

Translation Tools: Getting Your Hands Dirty
By Donna Sandin
Tools that enable translators to work in a more professional manner need not be intimidating.

Community Interpreting: A Historic Moment for a Timeless Profession
By Marjory A. Bancroft
Community interpreting is no longer about little Susie "translating" for her mother. It is time to look at the whirlwind evolution of a vital profession.

Regulatory Language in a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Environment
By Anne Catesby Jones
A brief overview of regulatory terminology in pharmaceutical translation.

Epilepsy in Medical Documents and Fiction
By Maria Rosdolsky
The terminology of epilepsy is extensive and has changed frequently, especially in recent years. In both medical documents and fiction, the terminology in the translation should correspond as closely as possible with the source text.

New Orleans: Back on Our Feet Again!
By Beth Nazar
Those attending ATA's Annual Conference in New Orleans, November1-4, 2006, will find a city rich with cultural traditions.