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Recent Articles: July 2011

New Biological Drugs and Pharmaceutical Translation
By Edward D. Zanders
Pharmaceutical translators are increasingly likely to encounter new biological drugs in regulatory documentation. If you are interested in this field, this article provides some background on biological drugs and a brief description of their nomenclature.

Walk the Line: Harnessing Creativity in Medical Marketing Translation
By Erin M. Lyons
What are the main challenges and constraints of an ever-changing global regulatory environment, and what strategies can translators employ to create accurate and engaging marketing copy within an existing promotional platform?

Want to Improve Your Interpreting? Drop That Donut and Grab a Jump Rope!
By Holly Mikkelson
Research findings on brain activity have many implications for interpreters looking to improve their cognitive abilities.

Translating a Speech with Heart: A Collaborative Experience
By Diane Van Hoof and James R. Morrin
A client needs help to deliver an English speech into Flemish and obtains the assistance of a translator for a custom-designed immersion into a language utterly foreign to him.