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July 2015

Behind the Scenes with The ATA Chronicle Task Force
By Jeff Alfonso and Corinne McKay
What changes are in store for The ATA Chronicle? Read on to find out!

Presenting to Potential Clients: You and ATA’s Client Outreach Kit
By Stephanie Tramdack Cash and Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo
ATA’s Client Outreach Kit will give you the tools you need to attract direct clients by positioning yourself as a resource for translation and interpreting buyers and users.

Educating the “Uneducated” Client
By Christelle Maginot
Educating “uneducated” clients is a sine qua non to a productive relationship. But not all “uneducated” clients are created equal, and client education may at times be so challenging that translators will need a great deal of patience and humor to keep a cool head (and sometimes their clients!).

Losing Your Best Customer--and Thriving!
By Wendy Griswold
Nobody wants to think about losing his or her best customer, but we must. You can prepare for a drastic change so that your business can survive and even thrive.

Still Don’t Have a Website? Why WordPress Is for You!
By Max Troyer
A website gives you credibility and demonstrates that you’re serious about your translation business. WordPress is easy to install, simple to use, and perfect for multilingual websites.