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Recent Articles: June 2007


ATA at the Meeting of the Joint National Committee for Languages
By Jiri Stejskal
The goals of the National Committee for Languages and the National Council for Languages and International Studies are similar to those of ATA and, in particular, to those of ATA’s Public Relations Committee.

Copywriting Principles: Seven Ways to Improve Your Marketing (and Other) Translations
By Danny Verbov
Professional copywriters use some simple principles to relay their clients’ messages and achieve desired marketing and sales results. Translators would do well to learn from them.

Telephone Interpreting in Health Care Settings: Some Commonly Asked Questions
By Nataly Kelly
Here are some general facts that all interpreters who are interested in working in this area need to know. Make sure to clip this and show it to potential clients.

Interpreting in Domestic Violence Service Settings
By Jennifer J. Polzin
An introduction to working with individuals or families who have experienced domestic violence and with their service providers. Readers will gain familiarity with frequently used terms and resources for continued learning.

Student Syndrome
By Bob Donaldson
Are we as aware of our current tendency to pace ourselves as we should be?

Taking the Plunge: Part I
By Naomi J. Sutcliffe de Moraes
If you do not yet use any tool, if you bought a tool, tried it once, and gave up, or if you have only one tool and are not aware of the many different tools available, this article is for you.

Glossary Mining: Science, from Anthropology to Chemistry
By Lee Wright
These links present the best that science can place at your fingertips.