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Recent Articles: June 2011


To Sign or Not To Sign? Chris Durban Answers the Question
By Catherine Jan
When nobody takes responsibility (and credit) and opacity reigns, clients and good translation suppliers suffer.

Are Translators Luddites?
By John M. Milan
This year marks the 200th anniversary of the Luddite uprising in England. As technology gains traction in the language services industry, translators and interpreters may be tempted to follow their example.

Translation and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
By Gary Smith
Science is not so mysterious nor the texts so difficult as you may think at first.

Beyond Subtitling: Audiovisual Translation in the 21st Century
By Christine Kretschmer
The author provides an overview of the main modes of audiovisual translation, such as subtitling, dubbing, and audio description, and highlights new growth areas within the industry and the changing role of the translator within it.