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Recent Articles: March 2009


Grow Your Client Base, Increase Your Rates, and Make LSPs Love You: A How-to
By Terena Bell and Madalena Sánchez
Learn how translators can grow their client base, increase rates over time, and become a language service provider’s go-to person.

Translation in Every Classroom: Stepping into the Center for the Art of Translation’s Poetry Inside Out School Program
By Marty Rutherford, Olivia Sears, and Sarah Valor
By combining literary translation and poetry in urban classrooms, we can address our nation’s growing multilingual population while increasing students’ literacy skills.

Capturing an Elusive Truth—and Earning Recognition for It, Too
By Jill Timbers (with passages by Kersti Juva)
Finnish literary translator Kersti Juva is the first translator ever appointed Artist Professor by the Arts Council of Finland, an award which brings recognition to the entire field of literary translation.

Environmental Translation: Market Overview
By Patrick Oblander
An introduction to the field of environmental translation, including an overview of the documents in demand and some of the skills you will need to wok in this area.