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Recent Articles: March 2009


Opinion/Editorial--Clients, Freelancers, and Translation Agencies: Productive Partnership or Missed Opportunities?
By Howard Clark
In an industry looking at steady growth in business, the key to the future is boosting everyone’s productivity.

Language Self-Instruction: Choosing Between Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur
By Susan Welsh
Both Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur are effective tools for learning a language at an elementary level. Both claim to mimic the way a child learns his or her own language—but don’t count on it.

Can You Change Your Accent? Defusing the Mystery of Accent Modification
By Juanita Ulloa
Interpreters have to be great listeners to render large chunks of consecutive information at one time, so why would they not be able to listen to and mold their own sound just like they render meaning?

Controlled Language: Does My Company Need It?
By Uwe Muegge
A brief overview of controlled languages and their use.