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Recent Articles: May 2007

Taking the Show on the Road: ATA Expands Public Relations Initiative
By ATA Public Relations Committee
By making our clients, our colleagues-and even our competitors-aware of the vital role that translators and interpreters play in the global economy, ATA is raising the status of our profession, and, with it, our prospects and earnings.

Federal Procurement and Translator Performance: Keeping Our Eye on the Five
By Brenda S. Sprague
The federal interagency language community has developed a scale to help program managers and procurement professionals measure the complexity of translation and interpretation tasks and to assess the qualifications and competence of vendors. 

Maximizing Visibility for Multilingual Websites
By Huiping Iler
Having killer content on your website and not optimizing the site for searches is like having an award-winning movie that no one ever sees.

The Journey from Translator to Interpreter
By Clarissa Surek-Clark
Have you ever considered expanding your professional skills to the field of interpreting?

Phishing-How to Avoid Being Reeled in
By Keiran Dunne
Phishing is a deceptive practice whereby criminals use spoofed e-mails to trick unsuspecting victims into revealing sensitive confidential information, which the perpetrators can then sell or use for fraudulent purposes.

The Translation of Brazilian Court Names
By Roger Kapur
This article suggests English terms that may be used for the translation of the names of major Brazilian law courts.

German into English Expansion and Reduction Factors
By Sabine Werther
Paying attention to word counts and expansion and reduction factors can be the impetus for changes that benefit both providers and users of translation services.