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Recent Articles: May 2008


ISO Certification: Helping Build Stronger Business Relationships
By Dagmar Dolatschko and Bernard J. Putz
ISO certification can be either a burden or the path to best practices, resulting in increased bureaucracy or improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Translating for the Asset Management Industry: Fact Sheets
By Eugenio Virguti
This article provides insight into one of the most commonly translated documents in the asset management industry: mutual fund fact sheets.

Translation and Corporate Governance in Russia
By Megan Lehmann
A broad overview of corporate governance in Russia today and the translation of corporate documents.

The Process and Paperwork of International Adoption
By Martha Edwards
Understanding the process behind international adoption can be very helpful in deciphering its specialized terminology.

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place: How to Deal
with Information Overload
By Naomi J. Sutcliffe de Moraes
A discussion of several personal “wiki” or “information management” tools, each with a different approach to managing information.