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Recent Articles: May 2011


Greeting the World in Our Backyard: ATA Hosts FIT XIX World Congress
The FIT XIX World Congress, to be held August 1-4 in San Francisco, will offer a unique opportunity to find out how our colleagues in other environments approach the work that we all do.

Opinion/Editorial: Watson’s Win
By Craig McGinty
Watson’s win on Jeopardy! is not our loss. It represents a significant milestone in the exponential growth of computing power and is a telling example of our remarkable human capacity for inventiveness.

Talking with ATA Board Director David Rumsey
By Evelyn Yang Garland
As a freelance translator and former project and localization manager, David Rumsey discusses issues related to quality, the translator-project manager relationship, and technology.

Translating Handwritten Spanish-to-English Medical Texts: Seeing What Others Cannot
By Michael A. Blumenthal
By applying some common-sense techniques, and drawing upon the depth and breadth of the translator’s experience and knowledge, all but the most inscrutable medical hieroglyphics can be understood and therefore translated.

Ignorance Is Strength
By Ewandro Magalhães
Our speech and the virtues or limitations of our languages configure and discipline our way of thinking and how we function as interpreters.

Toward a Quieter Code of Silence: Upholding the Ethical Standard of Confidentiality
By Jennifer De La Cruz
Interpreters need to treat all information, whether public or privileged, as something to protect.