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Recent Articles: November/December 2013


How to Lose Customers
By Susan C. Rials
If you would like to maintain a loyal customer base, it pays to develop a strategy that works.

Four Things You Need to Know about Notarization and Translation
By Michael Lewis
U.S. translators and notaries often work together to serve the needs of immigrants. Here are four things to keep in mind when it comes to translation and notarization.

Overcoming Cultural Conflicts in Health Care Interpreting
By Haytham Boles
Without proper cultural knowledge and training in the field, health care interpreters run the risk of ignoring, misinterpreting, or mishandling situations involving cultural conflict that arise during a health care encounter.

La Vie en Rose
By Ewandro Magalhães
Here is a story about the empowering nature of language and the personal journey it means to each of us.