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Recent Articles: November-December 2014

International Payment Options for Translators and Agencies
By Eve Lindemuth Bodeux
The problem with international payments in the translation profession is that they can be very costly for both the sender and the receiver. Making the effort to define your payment strategy consciously will also assist you in finding the best fit for your specific business needs.

Help! I’m Being Investigated: An Introduction to Background Investigations and Clearances
By Alair Fritz and Virginia Wilkins Hinders
Knowing what information to gather in advance can be the key to navigating a background check or clearance investigation.

Content Marketing Planning: Tips and Tricks
By Ekaterina Howard
Content marketing helps attract potential customers via “valuable and relevant content.” Read on to find ideas for such content and how to save time on content strategy planning.

Be the Choice, Not the Obligation: Winning Champions of Interpreter Services Through Exceptional Customer Service
By Erin Rosales and Rashelle LeCaptain
Interpreters working in the health care sector have the opportunity to inspire individuals to become champions and supporters of interpreter services by demonstrating exceptional customer service in their daily interactions.