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Recent Articles: October 2009

Opinion/Editorial Ethical Codes: Where Are We?
By Diane Howard
There is more to ethics than what you see in the codes.

School Outreach Profile: From Shanghai to Paris
By Lillian Clementi
Enthusiasm takes ATA member Claudia Dutra halfway around the world.

Let’s Talk: Trados and the Google Translator Toolkit
By Jost O. Zetzsche
It is fascinating to watch the market right now. It is a bit like watching a gun duel in an old Western.

Preserving Nuance in Chemical Nomenclature Translation
By Roger Sayle
As the science of chemistry continues to advance, so does its nomenclature. Hence, one of the many challenges faced by translators is the dynamic nature of chemical terminology.

ATA: Looking Back Through Words
ATA at 25
By Anna Lilova
In 1984, Anna Lilova, then-president of the International Federation of Translators, commended ATA on its achievements during its first 25 years.