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Recent Articles: October 2010


Translation in Canada
By Grant Hamilton
There is a lot going on north of the border!

Sitting Down with Lois Feuerle: Perspectives for Newcomers
By Evelyn Yang Garland
If you are struggling to establish yourself as a translator or interpreter, read on to gain valuable insight from the multifaceted career path of one ATA member.

Data Standards: Can They Help Us and Can We Help Them?
By Alan Melby and Jost Zetzsche
What do incompatible railroad gauges and text segmentation have in common? It all comes down to the need for adopting professional industry standards to ensure a smoother ride for everyone.

Nigerian Scams: Still Going Strong
By Rafa Lombardino
Online scam artists show no signs of slowing their efforts to take advantage of hardworking translators and interpreters. In this article, colleagues share their stories and discuss some of the names and situations to look out for when potential clients contact you.