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Recent Articles: October 2013


On Good Terms with Terminologists
By Barbara Inge Karsch and Jost Zetzsche
A translator and a terminologist discuss each other’s approach to terminology.

Online Training: Is It Right for You?
By Jennifer De La Cruz
When deciding whether or not an online course is right for you, the bottom line is to know your needs and make well-informed decisions from the start.

Beyond Translation: Expanding Your Freelance Business through Writing and Teaching
By Corinne McKay
Expanding your freelance business beyond translation to include writing, speaking, and teaching about translation is an excellent way to position yourself as an expert in the field while boosting your business’ bottom line.

Sound and Translation: A Multimedia Approach to Increase Accuracy, Efficiency, and Quality
By Madeline Newman Ríos
Interpreters are not the only ones who can benefit from audio techniques to improve language skills.