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Client Outreach Skills Modules

Preparing Handouts

It isn’t necessarily a good idea to simply print out your PowerPoint presentation as a handout. Consider preparing additional materials that can be offered to participants on a side table. These might include:

  • your business cards and promotional material;
  • copies of Translation: Getting It Right;
  • a one-page list of tips for translation buyers;
  • a photocopy of a poor or silly translation with a brief caption on where it went wrong;
  • a one-page comparison of a source-text paragraph followed by a poor computer translation and a good human translation.

You can also offer to send your PowerPoint to members of the audience if they leave you their card. This is a simple, elegant way to get the contact details of participants who are particularly likely to need your services.

Triple-check to be sure that all of your handouts are free of grammatical and typographical errors and that your business information is up to date. Materials with crossed-out e-mail addresses or incorrect fax numbers leave a terrible impression.