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How the Business Works

Translators do the writing >>

Translators work with print documents, converting text from a source language into a target language. Here's how they work.

Interpreters do the talking >>

Often confused with translators, Interpreters work with the spoken word, converting speech from a source language into a target language. Here's how they work.

Using a translation agency >>

Larger projects may require the help of a language services company. Finding the right partner is the key to success.

About machine translation >>

Can't a computer do all this? There are times when machine translation is useful and times when it's not.

The Right Professional

Do I need a professional?

Miscommunication can be embarrassing or even disastrous. Learn how things can go wrong and why a professional may be the right choice for your job.

Why hire an ATA member? >>

Hiring a professional translator or interpreter is an investment that deserves the highest quality return. Selecting an ATA member is an excellent first step in making that happen.

What is a certified translation? >>

Many official government agencies require a "certified translation" or a "certified translator." What does that mean?

Client Resources

Using the ATA directories >>

ATA maintains two of the largest directories of translators, interpreters, and language services providers in the world. Both are free to use and offer numerous options to customize a search.

The ATA Compass >>

It's hard to know where to begin and what questions to ask. Look to The ATA Compass for quick answers and insider information.

Guide to Services Agreements >>

In most cases, it makes sense to begin the business relationship with a formal agreement or contract for the services to be provided.