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ATA 47th Annual Conference


Schedule of Sessions
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Thursday November 2 Friday November 3 Saturday November 4

Thursday, November 2

8:30am to 9:15am
ATA-1 Opening Session
9:30am to 10:45am
ATA-2 Presentation of Candidates and Election
11:00am to 11:45am
ATA-3 Orientation for First-Time Conference Attendees
ATA-4 Chat with the Board—WE ARE LISTENING

1:45pm to 3:15pm
ATA-5 Skill-Building Seminar for Mentors and Mentees, Part I
ABC-1 Does Quality Management Matter? ABC-2 Quality Assurance for the Translation Industry: Tips and Tricks
D-1 Translation Workshop Dutch>English
F-1 Linguistic Interferences Between English and French
G-1 CDSs, CLOs, CLNs: Credit Derivatives are Leaving "iTraxx"
IC-1 Business Setup and Success: The Basics
I-1 The Interpreter's World Tour: Ethics and Standards for Interpreters Around the World
J-1 How to Translate Industry-Specific Terms
MED-1 Role of Medical Linguists in Disease Preparedness, Outbreaks, and Epidemics: Avian Influenza
N-1 Scandinavian>English Translation Workshop
P-1 Vocabulary for Mental Status and Competency Exams (Portuguese<>English) P-2 Challenges of Translating for the Travel Industry
SL-1 Susana Greiss Lecture: Translating Genres, Styles, and Realities
S-14 Normas internacionales de contabilidad: ¿Preservar las diferencias o armonizar la terminología?
TP-1 ATA Research Forum, Part I
TAC-1 Do You Speak XML? A Crash Course on Markup Languages for the Aspiring Technical Translator

3:30pm to 5:00pm
ATA-6 Skill-Building Seminar for Mentors and Mentees, Part II
ABC-3 Quality Doesn't Matter!
D-2 Staying in Touch with the Dutch Language
F-2 Machine Translation and Translation Memory: Breaking the Barriers
G-2 German Tax Today
IC-14 To Pay or Not Get Paid: Protecting Everyone’s Interest ATA-7 ATA Certification Computerized Exam Update
I-2 Vocal Skills for Interpreters: Posture, Breathing, Strength, and Style for Speaking at Length
IT-1 English<>Italian Translations of Criminal Judicial Documents
J-2 Japanese Language Division Annual Meeting J-3 How to Start? Starting a Business as a Japanese<>English Translator from the Agency/Translator Perspectives
MED-2 Medical Interpreter Services from A to Z: Learning Experiences from a Children's Hospital Medical Center
P-8 Court Interpreter Training Materials P-14 Brazilian Police Reports and Sight Translation
SL-2 My Crude Ain't Your Oil
S-2 The Tribulations of Translating Hispanic Fiction into Spanish, or How the García Girls Got Their Accent Back
TP-2 ATA Research Forum, Part II
TAC-2 Stop Using Your Computer like a Typewriter! Practical Demonstrations of MS Word, Electronic Dictionaries, and Google


Friday, November 3

8:30am to 10:00am
ATA-8 Annual Meeting of All Members

10:15am to 11:45am
ABC-4 Fear Factor in the Workplace: Would You Rather Eat Bugs Than Do Employee Performance Evaluations?
C-1 A Brief Introduction to the Chinese Translation Market
G-3 Preparing for ATA's English>German Certification Exam
IC-3 Claims Against Translators: What are They and How Can They be Prevented, Mitigated, and Defended? IC-4 An Ounce of Prevention is Worth 10 Pounds of Cure: Mitigating Technological Risks
I-3 Interpreting: Into the Limelight, for the Good of All
IT-2 Challenges of Translating English Contracts into Italian
J-4 Japanese<>English Certification Workshop
LAW-1 Law and Order... and Corrections
L-1 Interaction with Authors
MED-3 When a Child Is Dying: The Unique Role of the Medical Interpreter in Helping Design Culturally Competent Care MED-4 The Pediatric Liver Transplant Experience: Providing Language Access for the Hispanic Family
P-15 Translating for the World Cup 2006
S-11 Translation from English into Spanish: Contrastive Analysis and Structure Differences S-4 El verbo en la traducción inglés-español: voz, tiempo y aspecto
TP-3 Teaching Translation Today: Challenges and Pedagogical Practices
TAC-3 Translation Support Tools Forum, Part I
TAC-4 Trados: Beyond the Basics 2


1:45pm to 3:15pm
ATA-9 Preparing to Take ATA's Certification Exam: Questions and Answers
ABC-5 How to Avoid the Six Most Costly Mistakes in a Translation Project  
C-2 Recommendations for Some English<>Chinese Dictionaries and Tips for Effective Use
F-3 English>French Translation of Bylaws
G-4 Selected Topics and Pitfalls of English>German Translation
IC-5 Risk Management for Language Service Providers
I-9 Why Can't I Interpret? I'm Bilingual! Supplementing Interpreter Staff by Assessing and Training Bilingual Employees
J-5 Getting to Know English Legal Writing
L-2 Marilyn Gaddis Rose Lecture: The Proprioception of the Body Politic: "Translation and the Phantom Limb" Revisited
MED-5 Converging and Diverging Issues in Legal and Medical Translating and Interpreting MED-6 Interplay of the Agents Involved in the Revision of a Medical Translation
N-2 From a Detective to a Director: A Documentary Film on Finnish Audiovisual Translators IT-3 Interlanguage and Competence: Translation into a Second Language
P-5 Translating Financial Statements into Brazilian Portuguese
S-5 Focused Self-Analysis for English<>Spanish Translators and Interpreters
TP-4 Translator Training Online: Experience and Perspectives TP-5 Teaching and Researching Legal Translation: What Input from Comparative Law?
TAC-5 Translation Support Tools Forum, Part II


3:30pm to 5:00pm
ATA-10 Workshop on ATA's Code of Professional Conduct and Business Practices
ATA-11 Standards for the Language Industry
ABC-7 Translation Company Division Annual Meeting
C-3 Chinese Language Division Annual Meeting
G-5 German Language Division Annual Meeting
IC-13 Editing Translations: Revision for Freelancers
I-5 Negotiating a Successful Conference with Your Clients
IT-4 Nobody's Perfect (Or, How to Deal with Mistakes in Source Texts) IT-5 Italian Language Division Annual Meeting
J-6 Terminology and Concepts of the Toyota Production System and Related Manufacturing Engineering
MED-7 An Introduction to Dental Translation
P-7 Roundtable on Portuguese Translation Issues
SL-3 Slavic Languages Division Annual Meeting SL-4 Translation of English Language Advertising Materials: Use of Adoptions and Their Grammatical Assimilation in Russian
S-6 Spanish Language Division Annual Meeting
TP-7 Elaboración de un vocabulario de traductología
TAC-6 The Cons of Not Being a Pro: Translators and the Fear of Being a Professional



Saturday, November 4

8:30am to 10:00am
ATA-12 "Boot Camp" for Newly-Elected Division Administrators
ABC-8 Business Practices for Translators
C-4 Political Considerations in Translation
G-6 Translating Terrible Teutonic Texts: A Workshop for German>English Translators, Editors, Project Managers, and Instructors
IC-7 Slogans, Taglines, and Creative Copy: Translators Hired as Copywriters IC-8 The Complexities of Tackling an Editing Job: Tribulations of a Translator
I-6 Wartime Interpreters: Japanese-American Interpreters During World War II and the Occupation of Japan I-7 Research on Expert and Novice Processing Strategies: What Interpreters Can Learn
J-8 Interpreting at High-Level Conferences
LAW-2 Disfluencies in Courtroom Discourse: The Role of the Monitor in Consecutive Interpreting LAW-3 Translation of Common Difficulties in Contract Terms
L-3 Literary Division Annual Meeting
MED-8 Medical Division Annual Meeting
N-3 Nordic Division Annual Meeting N-4 Establishing Swedish>English and English>Swedish ATA Certification Exams
P-16 Marketing for Interpreters P-9 Immigration Court Terminology Workshop
ST-1 A salvar la luz: Spanning the World of Architecture, Carpentry, and Construction Translations
SL-5 The Name of the Game: Russian Translation of English Expressions Drawn from Sports
S-13 Translating Collocations and Combinations
TP-8 Translation Summit Panel: A Review TP-9 Translation Summit Panel: Internships for Beginning Translators
TAC-7 Enhancing MS Word Processing Efficiency Via Macros


10:15am to 11:45am
ATA-13 Annual Meeting of Division Administrators
M-3 New Source of Income for Translators Using Disruptive Digital Technology ABC-10 Survivor: Escape from Project Management Island
F-4 Legal Resources: How to Make the Best of It
G-7 Healthcare in Germany: The Status Quo
H-1 Fuzzy Wuzzy Wasn't Fuzzy, Wuz He?
IC-9 Public Relations as a Moneymaker: What's in It for Me?
I-8 Clinical Insight in Mental Health Interpreting
J-7 The World of Two-Byte Characters: East-Asian Languages Panel Discussion
L-4 Translation as Relation L-5 Translating the Magma of Herberto Helder
MED-9 The Collaborative Approach in Medical Translation
MED-10 Problems of Traditional Chinese Medicine Translation from Semantic and Syntactic Perspectives A-1 Defining the Limits: The Koran as Seen Through Translations of Learned Interpretation
P-10 Loud and Clear: Voice-Over Techniques
SL-8 Lying to Tell the Truth: Are There Limits to Pragmatic Adaptation in Poetry? SL-7 Looking at the Overlooked: Sentencing, Paragraphing, and Textual Cohesion in Russian>English Translation
S-8 Mayúsculas: historia, legibilidad, uso y ortografía
TP-10 Examining the Impact and Mechanics of Performance Using the MRC Approach TP-11 Error Analysis: Pedagogical Aspects of Translation
TAC-8 Language Technology Division
TAC-9 MITRE Research in Tools for Assisting Translators


1:45pm to 3:15pm
ABC-13 A Comprehensive Interpreter Hiring Process: Finding the Right Fit for Everyone
A-2 Intelligence Community Standard for Arabic Transliteration
F-5 French Language Division Annual Meeting
G-9 Translating Patient Records from German into English
H-3 Gem-Colored Water and Must-See Attractions: A Compounded Conundrum
V-2 Translating the Wrong Way IC-10 Beyond Translation
I-13 Interpreting the Japanese Mind
J-9 Moving Beyond the Literal: Translating Japanese Idiomatic Expressions
L-6 Problems of Intertextuality in Theatrical Translation
M-1 National Geographic Television and Film International: Translations for Worldwide Distribution
MED-12 The National Council on Interpreting in Health Care: What are the Next Steps for the Healthcare Interpreting Profession?
P-11 Portuguese Language Division Annual Meeting
S-3 Topics in Spanish Lexical Dialectology: Back to School/Back at the Office
TP-13 Teaching Terminology and Computer-Assisted Translation Online TP-14 Weekly Training Events: Teaching Translation and Interpreting Skills Online
TAC-10 RSS and Blogging: Maturing Technologies to Gather and Produce Information ST-3 Electronics for Translators
TAC-11 Streamlining the Workflow: Darwin Information Typing Architecture and the Collaborative Process
V-1 ATISA Business Meeting


3:30pm to 5:00pm
ATA-14 Grader Recruitment for ATA's Certification Program
ATA-15 Chapter and Regional Groups Meeting
ABC-12 Quality Control Analysis in the Real World
G-10 Bridging the Gaps for Non-Germans at German Supervisory Board Meetings
IC-11 Ensuring Payment Before, During, and After the Project
I-10 The Strategic Partnership of the Conference Interpreting Booth I-12 Telephone Interpreter Work Environments: Considerations for High-Quality Performance
I-11 Interpreters Division Annual Meeting
J-10 Japanese Language Division Forum
LAW-4 Vagueness in Legal Terminology LAW-5 No Creativity in Legal Translation?
M-2 Audiovisual Translation and Voice-Over Seminar
MED-13 Effective Continuing Education Design for Medical Linguists: Linking Objectives to Evaluation
P-12 Human Rights and International Development P-13 Translating Lobo Antunes, or a Translator's Own Conhecimento do Inferno
S-10 Spanglish Realizations: Concerns and a Way Out of It S-12 A Pragmatic Approach to Translation and Interpretation
TP-12 How to Use Linguistic Corpora to Improve Your Translations
TAC-12 The Life and Strange Adventures of a Translator (or Remote Work Near the Mouth of the Great River of Oroonoque)
TAC-13 Free and Open Source Software for Translators TAC-14 Open Source Computer-Assisted Translation: Free and Easy
V-3 Rare Languages in the Marketplace of the Translation and Interpreting Industry