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Thursday, November 1

8:00am to 8:45am
ATA-1 Opening Session
9:00am to 10:45am
ATA-2 Presentation of Candidates and Election
11:00am to 12:00pm
ATA-3 Annual Meeting of Division Administrators
ATA-4 Orientation for First-time Conference Attendees
ATA-5 Chat with the Board—WE ARE LISTENING
1:30pm to 3:00pm
ATA-6 Skill-building Seminar for Mentors and Mentees
C-1 Parts of Speech and Syntax in Chinese>English Translation
F-1 Translating in the Field of Intellectual Property
G-1 Characteristics of Legal English and Their Translation into German
I-1 Interpreting Interpreter Ethics
IC-3 Breaking into the Industry: How to Gain Experience When Employers Will Not Give You Experience Without Previous Experience
IT-3 Italian Language Division Annual Meeting
K-1 Korean>English Patent Translation Basics: Some Correlations with Japanese>English Patent Translations
LSP-1 Sample Translations as a Sales Tool
LT-1 Improvements to Translation Tools
LAW-1 Judicial Reforms in Spanish-speaking Countries and Their Impact on Legal Terminology
MED-1 Tips and Techniques for Learning Medical Terminology
P-1 Vocabulary Traps and Keys
SL-1 Aid for the Imperfectly Articulate: Tips on English Article Usage
S-1 Los manuales de estilo: guías para mejorar la escritura
TP-1 Raising the Bar for Interpreters and Linguistic Experts in Health Care: Developing Curricula for Graduate-level Education
V-1 Translating and Interpreting the Language of Politicians
3:30pm to 5:00pm
ATA-7 Checking in: ATA Mentors and Mentees, Past and Present
ATA-8 Public Relations and Your Bottom Line: A Review of the ATA PR Initiative
FIN-1 Getting the Terminology Right in Financial Translation
I-2 Community Interpreting in the Health Sector Involving Mexican Indian Languages in Mexico and in the U.S.
I-3 French Consecutive Interpreting Workout
IT-2 Exorcising Exotisms: A Translator's Guide to Dealing with Foreign Influences in English, Italian, and German Medical Texts
K-2 Structural Challenges in East Asian Language Interpreting and Translation
LSP-2 Websites That Get Attention
LT-2 The Merits of Using a Mac in a PC-centric Translation World
L-2 The Effects of Globalization on the Translation of Caribbean Texts
MED-2 National Certification for Health Care Interpreters: Where Do We Stand?
N-1 How to Improve the Quality of Technical Medical Translations: A Review Based on 15 Years of Experience
P-9 Brazilian Police Reports
SL-2 Translating Court Forms: Lessons Learned
S-2 Cuestiones de la lengua: los extranjerismos, el regionalismo y el panhispanismo
TERM-1 Slices of Life: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to the Study of Country-specific Cultures, Institutions, and Daily Life
TP-2 Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Teaching Translation and Interpreting But Were Afraid to Ask!

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Friday, November 2

8:00am to 9:30am
ATA-9 Annual Meeting of All Members
10:00am to 11:30am
C-8 The Translation of English Attributes
D-1 Cardiology Report: Terminology and Abbreviations
F-2 A Day in the Life of a Translator at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Ex-Yugoslavia
G-2 German Language Division Annual Meeting
IC-1 Taxes Translated: Federal Forms and Schedules for Professional Translators and Interpreters
I-4 Expanding Our World: Interpreting for Languages of Limited Diffusion
J-1 International Patenting Strategies and How They Determine the Patents Translators Encounter
K-3 Korean Grammar: Observing the Rules
LSP-3 Raising the Bar: Optimizing the Agency-Subcontractor Relationship
LT-3 Translation Support Tools Forum, Part I
L-3 Marilyn Gaddis Rose Lecture: The News from Translation—Some Emergent Occasions
MED-3 HIV, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Coinfection and Disease: Terminology Research and Glossary Development
P-3 Portuguese Language Division Annual Meeting
SL-3 Susanna Greiss Lecture: Lost in Translation—The Verbal Content of Visual Art
S-3 The 21st Century Cross-cultural Communicator: Interdisciplinary Technical, Cultural, and Social Justice Approaches to Translation and Interpreting in the Legal, Medical, and Community Sectors
V-2 The Art of Defining: A Look at Dictionaries and Their Eccentricities
1:30pm to 3:00pm
ATA-10 ATA Ethics and Business Practices Workshop
F-3 Do You Speak Swiss? An Overview of Swiss-French Peculiarities
G-3 Translating for Organizations with International Operations: A German Example
IC-2 Marketing for Independent Contractors
I-5 Interpreting and Check Interpreting at Depositions
J-2 Localizing Japanese Programming Manuals at Nintendo of America
K-4 Linguistic and Nonlinguistic Characteristics of English and Korean
LSP-4 Project Management: Essential Keys to Make a Machine Work Without Glitches
LT-4 Translation Support Tools Forum, Part II
L-4 When Opera Parodies Opera
MED-4 Medical Division Annual Meeting
N-2 Scandinavian>English Translation Workshop
P-4 Portuguese and English Contrasts in Writing: How to Translate
SL-4 Translation and Corporate Governance in Russia
S-4 Spanish Language Division Annual Meeting
TP-3 ATA Research Forum, Part I
3:30pm to 5:00pm
ATA-11 Preparing to Take the ATA Certification Exam: Questions and Answers
C-3 Three Major Developments in China's Translation Sector
H-1 Who Killed the Israeli Subtitler, and What Does Christian Slater Have to Do with It?
I-6 Interpreters Division Annual Meeting
J-3 Japanese<>English Certification Workshop
K-5 Korean Language Division Annual Meeting
LSP-5 The ASTM Translation Standard: Why Should You Care?
LT-5 Free and Open Source Software for Translators
LT-11 Selling Yourself Short? Counting Tools and Word Count Standards
MED-5 A Method to the Madness: Achieving Excellence in the Field of Medical Translations
N-3 Nordic Division Annual Meeting
P-5 Hands-on Approach to Tricky Portuguese Translations
SL-5 1001 Ways of Translating Children's Poetry from Russian into English
S-5 Essentials for Medical Interpreters and Translators
TP-4 ATA Research Forum, Part II
V-5 Deformation Professionnelle: What a Career in Translation Does to You

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Saturday, November 3

8:00am to 9:30am
ATA-12 "Boot Camp" for Newly-elected Division Administrators
C-9 Chinese Information Technology: Has the Language Made It to the 21st Century?
F-4 French Language Division Annual Meeting
G-5 Clinical Trials: German<>English
IC-4 Microeconomics for the Translator
I-7 That Crucial First Step: Pre-assignment Preparation and Research
IT-5 Translation Strategies and Tools for a Urogynaecological Text
J-4 Understanding Basic Statistics for Japanese<>English Translations
K-6 Notating Korean Proper Nouns
LSP-6 Farsi in Iran versus Dari in Afghanistan
LSP-7 Translation Company Division Annual Meeting
LT-6 Trados: Beyond the Basics 3
LAW-2 Court Interpreter Training Materials
MED-10 Implementing Video Phone Interpreting at the Largest County Hospital in the U.S.
P-6 Translation of Company Formation Documents and Terminology
S-6 Translating for the Nontraditional Exporting Sector in Developing Countries
10:00am to 11:30am
ATA-17 ATA Certification Exam Software Demonstration
F-5 A Comparison of English and French Punctuation
G-4 A Pragmatic Approach to Language Quality Assurance
H-2 From the Desk of a Hebrew Proofreader
IC-5 Business Practices Discussion Panel
I-8 Strategies for Successful High-profile Conference Interpreting
IT-4 Legal Translation: New Meanings and Competencies for Old Knowledge
J-5 Japanese Language Division Annual Meeting
K-7 Software Localization: A Translator's Perspective
LSP-8 Roll Your Own: Web-based Translation Portals and Translation Management Systems
LT-7 From Blogs to Wikis: The Brave New World of Web 2.0
LAW-3 The Challenges of Nuremberg and Beyond: Interpreting at International Tribunals
L-5 Literary Division Annual Meeting
MED-7 Translating and Interpreting for the Blood and Bone Marrow Transplant Patient
P-7 On Becoming a Portuguese>English Literary Translator
SL-7 Slavic Languages Division Annual Meeting
S-7 Entre falsos amigos
1:30pm to 3:00pm
ATA-13 How to Recharge Your Local Chapter or Regional Group
C-6 Chinese Language Division Annual Meeting
F-6 Terminology for French>English Technical Cosmetic Translation
G-7 Impact of the European Transparency Directive on German Financial and Corporate Reporting 
IC-6 How to Lose Customers
I-9 Interpreting at the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal
J-6 The Nuts and Bolts of Japanese>English Legal Translation
LSP-9 Quality Still Doesn't Matter!
LT-8 Best of Both Worlds: Combining Windows and Linux
LAW-4 Contract Law Demystified
MED-8 A United Front: A Collaborative Perspective on Educating Medical Interpreters
N-4 Changing Words in a Changing Reality: The Example of Sweden
P-8 The United Kingdom and its Multifaceted Legal System
ST-1 Simplified Technical English: Quality Assurance and Cost Savings for Translations
S-8 Interpreter Training for Indigenous Languages: Experience in a Multicultural Environment
TP-5 E-Learning and Translator Training
V-4 Why ISO Matters
3:30pm to 5:00pm
ATA-14 Grader Recruitment for ATA's Certification Program
ATA-15 All PR is Local
A-2 On Translating Modals
G-6 German>English Patent Translation
I-10 Sight Translation: Practice and Theory
J-7 Role of the Japanese>English Court Interpreter
LSP-10 The Perfect Love Triangle: The Client, the Agency, and the Independent Contractor
LT-9 Language Technology Division Annual Meeting
LT-10 Creating Your Own Tools of the Trade Using Visual Basic for Applications
LAW-5 The Asylum Process in the U.S.: A Crucial Need for Error-Free Translation and Interpreting
L-6 Translating Mines by Susan Straight: How to Apply the Theory and Practice of Translation to Avoid Cultural Clichés
MED-9 Improving Communication, Improving Care: Lessons from One Innovative Hospital on Language and Cross Cultural Care
N-5 Update: Swedish Literary Translation in the U.S.
P-10 Marketing and Neuro-linguistic Programming for Translators and Interpreters: An Introduction
ST-2 i18n, t9n, l10n: A Secret Code or Aspects of Code Translation?
S-9 Translating Patent Abstracts: Translative Strategies
S-10 Localization for Non-Localizers
TP-6 Translator Training in Liberal Arts Curricula
5:15pm to 6:00pm
ATA-16 Closing Session
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