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Thursday, November 6

Friday, November 7

Saturday, November 8

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Thursday, November 6
8:30 AM - 9:00 AM
ATA-1 Opening Session
9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
ATA-2 Presentation of Candidates and Election
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
ATA-3 Orientation for First-time Conference Attendees
G-1 What is a Societas Europaea and Why are Companies Establishing this Truly European Type of Company?
IC-1 The National Language Service Corps
IC-2 How to Successfully Market Yourself to Translation Companies
I-9 Ethics, Advocacy, and the Roles of the Court Interpreter
J-1 Optimizing Terminology Mining
K-1 Ameri-Think/Korea-Think: Finding Common Ground When Translating Korean and American Colloquial and Idiomatic Expressions
LT-1 Blogging: How and Why
L-1 Servitude or Collaboration? Approaches to Play Translation
MED-1 National Coalition on Health Care Interpreter Certification: A Progress Report
ST-1 Translation of a Geology Textbook (French-English)
TP-1 The Role of Explication de Texte in Literary and Technical Translation
V-1 Sanskrit: Linguistic Wonder of the World
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
ATA-4 Tomorrow's Translator
ATA-5 Mentor/Mentee Orientation and Debriefing Session
C-2 Cultures and Values as Reflected in Idioms and Proverbs of Asian and English Languages
F-1 A Comparison of English and French Punctuation
G-2 Taking Control of Your Time: If Not Now, When? Part I
IC-4 Business Basics for Everyone
IC-5 Building a Clientele of Direct Clients
I-1 Screening of the Documentary The Whisperers
LT-2 Translation Support Tools Forum, Part I: Focus on Individual Translators
LAW-1 Tape Transcription and the Translation of Evidence Tapes
L-2 Marilyn Gaddis Rose Lecture: The Story of Suite Française
MED-2 A Collaborative Approach to Interpreting the Mental Status Exam
N-1 Scandinavian>English Workshop
P-1 Orality Markers in Brazilian Portuguese
SL-2 Software Tools for Slavists, Part I
S-1 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Translation and Interpreting in the Legal, Medical, and Community Sectors
TP-2 ATA Research Forum, Part I: Young Bilinguals as a Language Resource and as Language Brokers
V-6 A Case Study in Local Government Translation: Orange County, Florida
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
C-3 Chinese Language Division Annual Meeting
F-2 Technical Translation for the Cosmetic Industry, Part II
G-3 Taking Control of Your Time: If Not Now, When? Part II
IC-6 Resolving Commercial Conflicts
I-2 The Pitfalls of Long Consecutive in the Courtroom: Learning When to Use It and When Not to
J-3 Japanese<>English Certification Workshop
LSP-1 McElroy Translation Tells All: Lessons Learned in 40 Years of Translation Services
LT-3 Translation Support Tools Forum, Part II: Focus on Translation Companies
LAW-2 The Quest for Precision in Legal Translation
L-3 Translating Poetry: The Myth of Betrayal
MED-3 Medical Division Annual Meeting
N-2 Nordic Division Annual Meeting
P-2 Never Out of School: Translation of Educational Documents
SL-3 Software Tools for Slavists, Part II
S-6 Spanish is Served with Different Flavors
TERM-1 Overcoming Termbase Trepidation: A Guide to Building a Better Termbase for the Harried Translator or Project Manager
TP-3 ATA Research Forum, Part II: Research, Huh? What's in it for Translators, Interpreters, and Educators?
V-5 Can There Really Be a Shortage of Translators? The View of the United Nations Language Services

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Friday, November 7
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
ATA-6 Annual Meeting of All Members
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
ATA-11 Certification Exam Software Demonstration
C-4 Translation of Chinese Signage into English
F-3 An Interview with Sandra Smith
IC-8 Editing Translations: Revision for Freelancers
I-3 Interpreters Division Annual Meeting
J-4 Environmental Translation: An Overview of the Market
K-2 Korean Patent Translation: Specific Examples and Useful Tools
LSP-2 Translation Company Division Annual Meeting
LT-4 Free and Open Source Software for Translators
LT-16 Quality in Website Localization: How to Successfully Translate Any Website
LAW-3 From Asylum Interviews to Courtroom Interpreting
L-4 Edward FitzGerald and Omar Khayyam
MED-4 Stress Management for Medical Interpreters
P-3 Portuguese Language Division Annual Meeting
TERM-2 Terminology Translation Challenges from Commonly Used Languages into Less Commonly Used Languages
TP-4 Techniques for Teaching Translation Online
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
ATA-7 Preparing to Take the ATA Certification Exam: Questions and Answers
FIN-3 Translating the Stock Market
G-4 Attracting Clients from Germany: Approaches for Independent U.S.-based Translators
IC-9 Accounting 101 for Freelancers: Keeping the Books Straight and the IRS and Your Accountant Happy
IC-17 Growing Your Practice with ATA's New Client Outreach Kit
I-4 A Health Care Interpreter’s Best Friend: The National Code of Ethics for Interpreters in Health Care
J-5 Japanese<>English Financial Translation and Interpreting: Shoring up the Bottom Line
K-3 How to Translate the Cultural Factors in Media Translation
LSP-3 Collaborative Translation
LT-5 How to Keep Your PC in Tip-top Shape
LAW-4 Walking Out Free: The Pivotal Role of an Interpreter within a Capital Murder Case
L-6 Five Translators Translating: Reading Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian in English and Spanish
MED-5 Battered and Abused Children: A Pediatrician's Perspective
SL-5 Susanna Greiss Lecture: Leo Tolstoy and War and Peace
S-4 Instrucciones para vivir (y entender) en México: claves para descifrar el código azteca
TP-5 Strategies and Techniques for Interpreter Training
V-2 Standards: How Can They Help a Translator?
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
ATA-8 ATA Ethics and Business Practices Workshop
ATA-9 How to Recharge Your Local Chapter or Regional Group
C-7 Conversion Between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese
G-5 German Language Division Annual Meeting
IC-10 How to Find Work and Stay in Business
I-5 Promoting Interpreter Health and Well-being
J-6 Coining and Controlling New Terms in a High-tech Business
K-4 Korean Language Division Annual Meeting
LSP-4 Working with the U.S. Government: Information Resources
LT-6 Language Technology Division Annual Meeting
L-5 Why is a Poetic Translator like a Philandering Husband?
MED-6 Speaking Together: Findings from a Hospital Disparities Collaborative
P-5 Objection Your Honor: What to do When Your Translation is Overruled
SL-1 Russian<>English: Types of English Borrowings in Russian and New Translation Problems
S-5 Spanish Language Division Annual Meeting
TP-6 Doctoral Programs in Translation Studies in the U.S.: A Student's Perspective

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Saturday, November 8
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
F-4 Walking the Tightrope
IC-11 Business Practices Discussion Panel
IC-12 Getting Through the Negotiation Without Breaking a Sweat!
I-6 Simultaneous Court Interpreting Techniques
J-7 Medical Interpreting: Navigating the U.S. Health Care System for Japanese Patients
K-5 Media Translation: Aesthetics of Communication
LSP-5 Manage Like a Pro: Translation Management
LT-9 First Date: A Dialogue Between Translators and Machine Translation Developers
LT-12 Best of Both Worlds: Combining Windows and Linux
LAW-6 A New Manual on Legal Translation
L-8 Sandy Taylor: Letting Their Voices Be Heard
MED-8 The Effects of Translating and Interpreting Trauma
P-6 Remedies in Common Law and Equity: What to do When You are Faced with this Term
SL-6 An Exploration of Complementary Language Partnerships
S-7 Un nuevo campo para los intérpretes en México y los Estados Unidos de las Lenguas Indígenas Mexicanas al Español: ¿Por qué es tan difícil?
TP-7 Everything You Wanted to Know About Teaching Translation and Interpreting But Were Afraid to Ask!
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
FIN-4 Understanding Financial Crisis Terminology
F-5 La versification classique au XXIe siècle, ou le carcan au service de l'expressivité
IC-13 Translating for the Federal Government: Challenges and Opportunities
I-7 From Heritage Speaker to Professional Interpreter
J-8 Japanese Language Division Annual Meeting
K-6 Beginning a Career as a Korean Interpreter and Translator
LSP-6 The Life Cycle of a Translation: A Translation Company's Perspective
LT-10 Simplified Technical English: Cost Savings and Quality Assurance for Translations
LT-11 Automation and Alienation: The Effects of Machine Translation on Current Working Practices
L-9 Literary Division Annual Meeting
MED-9 Anatomy of a Pediatric Heart Surgery: What's So Special About the Heart of a Child?
P-7 Translating the Professors: The Brazilian Edition of the Harvard Business Review
SL-7 Ask the Experts: Advice for Novice (and Not So Novice) Interpreters
S-10 Un caso piloto en la profesionalización de intérpretes y traductores en lenguas indígenas
TP-8 Peer Modeling and Translation Training: A Study of Influences of Role Models on Translation Trainees
V-3 Mistranslation of Intended Meaning in the Case of Farsi
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
A-1 Building the Momentum to Establish ATA's First English into Arabic Certification Exam, Part I
FIN-1 Current Issues Regarding International Financial Reporting Standards and Their Translation into German by the European Union
F-6 Aller de l'autre côté du miroir pour faire des traductions idiomatiques (S'adresse aux traducteurs de l'anglais vers le français)
IC-14 Accentuate the Positive: Making Your Résumé Sing
IC-15 Translator Turned Interpreter: Pitfalls, Benefits, and Team Interpreting Advantages
J-9 Deposition Interpreting Workshop
LSP-7 Applied Anthropology in Freelancer and Vendor Management
LSP-8 More Reasons Why Quality Doesn't Matter
LT-8 Translation Technology's Ring of Power: One Tool to Rule Them All . . . and in the Darkness Bind Them?
LT-13 Mixing Computer-assisted Translation and Machine Translation: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
L-10 Translation from the Theoretical Perspectives of Culture and Linguistics: Examples from China and Haiti
L-11 In Other Words . . . Editing Translations
MED-10 The Challenge of Interpreting in a Pediatric Facility
SL-8 Translating Legal Russian into English
S-8 Error-making Consistency Across Diverse Translation and Interpreting Students
TP-9 Professional Internships for Translation Students
V-4 Copywriting, Adaptation, Localization, Translation?
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
ATA-10 Grader Recruitment for ATA's Certification Program
A-2 Building the Momentum to Establish ATA's First English into Arabic Certification Exam, Part II
F-7 French Language Division Annual Meeting
IC-16 Social Networking: How to Practice One of the Most Effective Marketing Tools Today
IC-18 Ensuring Payment: Before, During, and After the Project
I-8 Assessing Simultaneous Interpreting: A Researcher's Perspective
IT-1 Italian Language Division Annual Meeting
J-10 Ins and Outs of Japanese Automotive Translation
LT-15 Where is Language Technology Going?
MED-12 International Medical Interpreters Association Medical Interpreter Certification: An Update
SL-9 Slavic Languages Division Annual Meeting
S-9 Untangling the Labyrinth of Spanish Legal Jargon
TP-10  The Arizona Translation Collaborative and Online Translator Education Program
TP-11 Giving Quality Feedback in Interpreter Training


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