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Exhibitor Checklist
In preparation for the ATA Annual Conference, here is a checklist to help make your exhibit a success. Just follow these steps, and you'll be all set!

yellow  Step #1
spacerReview Freeman's Exhibitor Services: Discount Deadline October 14
spacerFor shipping arrangements, furniture rental, and to order audiovisual equipment, electricity, Internet, etc., Freeman has provided all necessary information, as well as several forms that you MUST complete.

yellow  Step #2
spacerAssign Complimentary Registrations: Deadline September 25
spacerEach exhibitor receives two complimentary full-conference registrations per booth. To assign these complimentary registrations, complete the Exhibitor Registration form.

square  Step #3
spacerReview Company Profile: Deadline October 5
spacerReview your company name, website, and profile posted on the ATA Conference Website. To request changes or corrections, send an email to Teresa Kelly at

square  Step #4
spacerRequest Exhibitor Badges: Deadline October 12
spacerTo access your booth during setup and breakdown times, you MUST present an Exhibitor Badge to pass security.

square  Step #5
spacerIncrease Your Visibility
spacerWhile ATA commits to increase traffic in the Exhibit Hall by promoting all Exhibitors and offering services within the hall, you can take advantage of opportunities to directly invite attendees to visit your booth.

Any Questions?
Please contact Teresa Kelly at or +1-703-683-6100 ext. 3014.
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