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    Thursday, October 29
    Friday, October 30
    Saturday, October 31

Thursday, October 29
ATA-1 Opening Session


ATA-2 Presentation of Candidates and Election


ATA-3 Annual Meeting of Division Administrators

ATA-4 Orientation for First-time Conference Attendees

C-1 Challenges in Rendering the Vagueness and Twisted Meanings of Some Chinese Phrases and Sentences into English

IC-1 Signals of Shift in the Language Industry: Are You In or Are You Out?

I-1 A New Era of Rhetoric: Interpreting the Inauguration

J-1 Discovery: What is It and What is the Role of the Translator?

LAW-2 Research Techniques for French>English Legal Translation

L-1 Translating the Funny Parts of a Sad Opera

N-1 Sano se nykysuomeksi!

P-5 New Grammar for Portuguese Translators

ST-1 Translating Science into Dreams: Marketing Translations for the Beauty Care and Cosmetic Industry

S-1 New Terminology for a New Economic Environment

TERM-1 Managing Terminology on Your Own Terms

V-1 Verbing Your Way to a Better Translation


F-2 Challenges of French>English Translation at the United Nations

G-1 The World of SAP: Software and Translation

IC-2 Up the Down Economy! Growing Your Practice with ATA's Client Outreach Kit

I-2 That Crucial First Step: Pre-Assignment Preparation and Research

J-2 The Clinical Study Protocol for Japanese Translators

K-1 Translating International Intellectual Property Contracts to/from Korean

LSP-1 U.S. and European Union Translation Quality International Standards: The Quest for a Global Translation Norm

LT-1 Management for the Localization of Software User Interfaces

LAW-1 Legal Translation: Raising the Bar

L-2 Why Translation Matters (11th Annual Marilyn Gaddis Rose Lecture)

N-2 Translating the Untranslatable

P-2 Translation of Sports Terminology: Getting to the End Zone

ST-2 What Would I Learn if I Spent a Day in a Chemistry Laboratory?

SL-1 Translating Legal Text to/from Russian/English


TP-1 Standards and the University Translation Studies Curriculum


F-1 Avoiding Tourist Traps and Other Travel Perils

G-2 The Bologna Process and What It Means for Translating European Educational Documents and Credentials

IC-3 How to Successfully Market Yourself to Translation Companies

I-3 From Asylum Interviews to Immigration Court

J-3 Workshop: Translation and Interpreting During the Discovery Process in Civil Litigation

K-2 Korean Patent Translation: Collaborative Efforts with the Korean Intellectual Property Office

LSP-2 Where the Translation Dollar Is

LT-2 Machine Translation Post Editing: A Translator's Friend or Foe?

L-3 The Little Prince in China

M-1 From Kennedy to Obama: Translating U.S. Presidents for European Television Audiences

MED-1 Informed Consent and Professional Interpreting Services

N-3 A Comparative Look at Swedish and American Legal Systems

P-3 Portuguese Language Division Annual Meeting

SL-2 Noob No Longer: Making the Most of Internet Resources in Translation

S-3 Spanish Language Division Annual Meeting

TP-2 The Role of Internships in Translation and Interpreter Training

Friday, October 30

ATA-5 Annual Meeting of All Members


C-2 Chinese>English Translation: Trials and Errors or Vice Versa

F-3 Translating Slogans: Les slogans, j'en fais mon affaire!

G-3 German Language Division Annual Meeting

IC-4 Editing Etiquette

I-4 Interpreters Division Annual Meeting

I-5 Mental Health Interpreting: Unique Challenges and Practical Solutions

J-4 When Rules Change: Differences in U.S./Japanese Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and the Financial Translator

LSP-3 Translation Controversies and Conflict Resolution

LT-3 What Do You Tell Your Clients When They Propose Machine Translation?

LT-4 Translation Support Tools Forum, Part I: Focus on Translation Companies

LAW-3 Law and Order

L-4 Sutras: From the Seductive to the Sublime

N-4 Information, Narrative, Dialog, and Verse

SL-3 Blind Date: How to Tackle the Sprouting of New Terms in Croatian and Serbian

TP-3 Real-World Scenarios in the Educational Training of Translators

V-2 Terminology of Translation Bootcamp


ATA-6 Preparing to Take the ATA Certification Exam: Questions and Answers

F-4 Translating for International Organizations: Issues and Challenges

G-4 German>English Patent Translation

IC-5 Web 2.0 for Translation Industry Professionals

I-6 Unlocking the Booth: Interpreter Secrets and Tactics Revealed

J-5 Translating Patents to/from Japanese

K-3 Translating International Business Contracts to/from Korean

LSP-4 The Translation Service Market in China as Seen from Local Language Services Providers

LT-5 The Importance of Ergonomics for Translators: How to Avoid Repetitive Strain Injuries

LT-6 Translation Support Tools Forum, Part II: Focus on Individual Translators

L-5 Translating a Play for Production in the Target Language

MED-2 Critical Communication Care

N-5 Scandinavian>English Translation Workshop

SL-4 Translation and Interpreting in a Pragmatic Age (12th Annual Susana Greiss Lecture)

S-4 Prepare for ATA's English>Spanish Certification Exam

TP-4 Different Approaches to Interpreter Training


F-5 The Legal Translator as Investigator

G-5 Die Leiden des steuerlichen Wertes: A Primer on Translating German Tax Texts


I-7 Beyond Control: Interpreting the Spanish No-Fault Se Construction in Cases of Domestic Violence

IT-1 Italian Versus English: A Recent, Yet Intense Relationship

J-6 Japanese<>English Certification Workshop

K-4 Korean Language Division Annual Meeting

LSP-5 Working With the U.S. Government

LT-7 Language Technology Division Annual Meeting

LT-8 A Functionalist Approach to Web Localization: A Framework Toward Optimizing Quality

LAW-4 Legal Representation for Low Income Clients: The Role of a Community Translator and Interpreter

L-6 Literary Division Annual Meeting

MED-3 Bioethical Issues in Translation: Informed Consent

N-6 Nordic Division Annual Meeting

S-5 Prepare for ATA's English>Spanish Certification Exam, Part II

TP-5 Teaching Translation and Interpreting Skills to High School Students

Saturday, October 31

F-6 On Subjectivity in Technical Language: The Case for Patents

IC-7 40 More Ways Project Managers Drive Translators Crazy

I-8 Sight Translation and Written Translation by Interpreters: New Guidelines

J-7 Taken Out of Context: The Importance of Context in Japanese>English Translation

K-5 Check/Main Interpreting in Commercial Litigation Involving Korean Technology Companies in the U.S.

K-7 Subtitle Translation Workshop: Space, Timing, Context, and Character in Korean TV Dramas

LSP-6 40 More Ways Translators Drive Project Managers Crazy

LT-9 Making Portable Document Format Files Work for You

LAW-5 Making the Move to Patent Translation

L-7 Translations from the French-Speaking Caribbean and Africa

MED-4 Is There a Clarifier in the House? Error Analysis and Correction While Interpreting in Clinical Settings

P-4 False Friends and Pitfalls in Financial Translations

SL-5 Pharmaceuticals for Slavists

S-6 What's the Deal with Punctuation?

TP-6 Professionalizing a Gray Market Through Education: Setting Up an Undergraduate Translation and Interpreting Program from Scratch

V-3 Translators Hired as Copywriters: A Hands-on Workshop

V-4 The Translator's Self

V-5 What's in It for Me? ASTM F2575-06: Standard Guide for Quality Assurance


ATA-7 How to Recharge Your Local Chapter or Regional Group

A-1 Arabic on Free and Open Source Software

C-3 Chinese Language Division Annual Meeting

F-7 French Language Division Annual Meeting

IC-8 Lessons from Business School: The Entrepreneurial Linguist

I-9 Telephone Interpreting Goes Global

IT-2 Proposed Translations of Anglicisms into Italian

K-6 Cultivating a Successful Career as a Korean Interpreter and Translator

LSP-7 Our Euro, Your Peso: The Path Toward Cross-Border Selling in the Translation World

LT-10 Why You Want to Translate on the Mac

LAW-6 The Challenges of Nuremberg and Beyond: Interpreting at International Tribunals II

MED-5 Medical Division Annual Meeting

P-1 Spelling Rules in Portuguese: A Guide to the New Changes Affecting all Portuguese-Speaking Nations

S-7 Terminology of Crude Oil Refining Processes and Their Product Yield

TERM-2 Modeling Terminology to Meet Your Needs: When You Don't Have the Time Not to Do It

V-6 Why Punctuation Needs Translating: Selected Chapters in Orthography and Typography Across Languages


ATA-8 Grader Recruitment for ATA's Certification Program

C-4 The Significance of Modifiers in Addressing Syntactic Issues


G-6 Getting a Grip on German>English Medical Translation

IC-9 Translator Turned Interpreter: Benefits and Pitfalls

I-10 An Open Dialog on National Interpreter Certification: Possibility or Pipe Dream?

IT-3 Trusts in Italy: A Translator's Point of View

LSP-8 Leave It to the Pros: Translation Project Management as a Profession

LT-11 Learn from Terminology Standards: Setting Up a Practical Terminology Management Solution

LAW-7 Improving Your Sight Translation Skills for Court Interpreting and Beyond

L-8 Two Heads are Better than One: A Literary Translation Story

M-2 Translations for Media, Entertainment, and Corporate Industries in East Asian Markets

MED-6 The Role of Medical Interpreters in Patient-Centered Care

ST-3 Oil and Gas Operations and Technology

S-8 Translating for the U.S. Hispanic Markets: A Special Case of Localization and New Resources

TP-7 Directionalities in Translation: Way(s) to Go

V-7 Practical Introduction to Localization

V-11 When Translation Isn't for Profit:'s Approach to Translating Microloans



G-7 Approaches to Quality Assurance in Translation

IC-10 The Economic Mindset for Translators

IT-4 Italian Language Division Annual Meeting

J-8 Japanese Language Division Annual Meeting

LSP-9 Translation Company Division Annual Meeting

LT-12 Arabic and Chinese Desktop Publishing: Tips and Tricks for Translators

LT-13 The Case for Not Using Translation Memory

LAW-8 Anatomy of a Patent


M-3 How to Succeed and Position Yourself in the Voice-over Industry

MED-7 The ABCs of Medical Translation: Strategies to Identify, Translate, and Manage Acronyms and Abbreviations


TP-8 Winning the RACE: Embracing e-Learning and Embarking on an e-Course in Translation

V-8 Or Well and Good


V-10 Preparing Files for Multilingual Desktop Publishing: Saving Time and Money

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