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Why Should You Attend?
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Exceptional sessions with a wide range of subjects, quality of speakers, and the professionalism of the presentations.

Rekindling friendships and making new relationships with translators and agencies.

Feeling like what I do is actually important and being re-energized to go back to work.

Having my eyes opened to the tools and technology used in the translation industry and learning about the opportunities and challenges.

A great variety of events with a relaxed atmosphere to connect with old friends and meet new ones.

Social events, the overall friendly atmosphere, and the balance of education and networking opportunities.

The best thing about the conference is the opportunity to spend time with colleagues, make interesting contacts, and meet potential clients.

The friendliness and openness of the participants and speakers and the feeling of being part of a group.

The high quality of the presenters and presentations and the chance to interact with top-notch professionals in the field.

The large selection of different sessions with inspiring topics and the high caliber of all the presenters.

The level of professional expertise and the friendly atmosphere.


Boston Preview
spacerGet a glimpse of what to expect at the ATA 52nd Annual Conference. The New England Translators Association (NETA) invites you to Boston.
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The opportunities for face-to-face networking, bonding with colleagues, and learning new things.

The wealth of information offered and the networking opportunities were top-notch.

The wide range of topics offered, the professionalism of presenters, the variety of events, and the welcoming atmosphere.

The opportunity to learn from experts in the field and to reconnect with colleagues.

This was my first conference and I enjoyed all the learning opportunities available as well as the chance to meet so many industry people in one place.

The variety of sessions stimulated my desire to learn new things.

Amazing speakers who are generous with their time and all the diverse discussion topics.

The great feeling of enthusiasm and excitement in an international atmosphere with a relaxed spirit.

Opportunities to learn, progress, and raise the bar of our work through inspiration, motivation, experience, and the support of our colleagues.

Meeting and greeting colleagues, known and unknown, is always the most valuable part of the conference experience.

Getting involved with the organization and having access to so many professionals in the same place.

The chance to mingle and catch up with people you haven't seen in a year or two.

Meeting people, having discussions, rediscovering the ethics of the business, and learning from the experience of others.

Networking with colleagues and other industry players, meeting new people, and sharing ideas.

Meeting colleagues, making new contacts, collaborating, seeing old friends, getting new ideas, and learning new things.

It's like a supermarket for translators and interpreters. You find everything you need with plenty of choices and variety.

The opportunity to hone my skills and the chance to meet clients I've never met face-to-face.

Quantity and quality of specific information offered.

It's great to connect with others since translators often work in isolation.

Good variety of presentations and high-quality presenters.

The chance to meet and reconnect with other like-minded professionals.

Speakers were energetic and obviously interested in what they were doing.

Sharpening my tools and exchanging ideas with friends and colleagues.

The opportunity to get out of my one-man office, interact with colleagues, and meet translation agencies.

Attending a variety of sessions of an academic nature mixed with hands-on and applied translation techniques.

A chance to meet the people in my profession, make new friends and contacts, and learn from colleagues.

Ability to network, met new people, and learn about the industry.

Being able to fill myself with new information, learn about the field, network informally with colleagues, and making connections with other ATA members.

Getting to know people from all over the world and learning about their experiences.

Diversity, friendliness, and energy of people you meet and the camaraderie among participants.

Feeling the pulse of the industry and meeting high-profile translators in my field of specialization.

Excellent presenters and educational sessions that provide the opportunity to increase understanding of the industry and translation subject matters.

Discussions of challenges and insights with others working in the same field.

Excellent mix of topics, very knowledgeable speakers, learning things I can apply to my work, and intellectually inspiring sessions.

Sharing experiences and exchanging ideas with other translators, colleagues, and agencies.

Getting to know people, putting a face (or thousands of faces) on the wonderful assortment of folks who make up the ATA.

It is always rewarding to reconnect with fellow translators and to meet so many new people.

Learning about new things, the trends in the field, and how to use new tools.
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