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The following sessions will be recorded for the Virtual Conference:

NOTE: ATA cannot guarantee that all sessions will be included due to unforeseen issues.

ET-6 The Nuts and Bolts of Remote Interpreting and Training: The Tech You Need and Why You Need It

ET-7 Benefits of Engaging Translation Students with Refugee Communities

FIN-2 Understanding Financial Jargon

FIN-3 Financial Technology (“Fintech”)

GOV-1 Preparing Interpreters for Asylum Interviews: A Full Cycle Approach

GOV-2 Interpreting and Translating for Senior Policymakers and Ministers

I-1 Interpreting in Education: Out of the Shadows and into the Spotlight

I-2 Self-Study: Deliberate Practice for Improving Interpreting

I-5 The Challenges of Interpreting in a Humanitarian Setting

I-6 Cultural Competence – When Your Language Skills Are Not Enough: Part I

I-7 Cultural Competence – When Your Language Skills Are Not Enough: Part II

IC-2 Contingency Planning and Crisis Management 101

IC-3 Get Your Tool Belt Ready for Jobs: How to Get Hired

IC-4 Selling Your Translation and Interpreting Services

IC-6 Translators and Agencies: Two Captains, One Boat

IC-7 You’re in Business: How to Price Your Work

IC-13 Work Smarter, Not Harder

L-3 Forms of Faithfulness in Literary Translation

L-4 What Makes Literary Translation Successful?

L-5 Researching Literary Translations

LAW-2 Common Law and Civil Law: Approaches and Terminologies

LAW-3 Special Aspects of Translating Discovery Documents

LAW-4 Deciphering Spanish-language Bylaws: A Structural Approach

LSC-10 Data Security for Project Managers

LSC-11 A Case Study on Launching and Managing a Custom Machine Translation Program for Translators in Three Countries, Four Languages, and Multiple Domains

LSC-4 The Agency-Freelancer Dating Game Redux: From Courtship to Commitment

LSC-5 How to Work with Translators: Best Practices for Producing the Best Technical Translations

LSC-7 International Organizations: How They Get Translation Work Done and How to Get Involved

LSC-8 Stop the Price Madness! Achieving Market Transparency in the Purchasing Process

LSC-9 The Project Life Cycle for Project Managers

LT-1 Becoming a Super-Fast Freelance Translator and Coping with Technology in a Constantly Evolving World!

LT-2 Tools to Boost: A Zero-Budget Plan

LT-3 What File Types? Another Treasure Trove of Settings in Trados Studio

LT-4 Search (and Replace) on Steroids: How Regular Expressions Can Help Make Your CAT Tool Even More Useful

LT-5 The Final Touch: Desktop Publishing and InDesign Basics

MED-3 Medical Terminology: Problem Solving Through Parallel Texts

MED-4 Translating Diagnostic Imaging: Is It Hyperechoic or Hyperintense?

SL-1 Susana Greiss Lecture: The Long and Winding Road to Becoming a Presidential Interpreter

ST-3 Translating Terminology Related to Explosives and Bombing

ST-8 How to Specialize and Expand Your Business into New Technical Markets

ST-9 When a Christmas Tree is Not Really a Christmas Tree

T-1 Confidentiality in Translation: Legal and Ethical Requirements and Pitfalls

T-2 Translating between the Lines: Enhancing Translation Quality

T-8 Alphabet Soup: Quality Assurance for Editing PDFs from DTP

T-9 Lessons from the Plain Language Movement

T-10 Outside the Box: Everyday Continuing Professional Development for Translators

T-11 To “the” or Not to “the”: An Article on Articles

TI-1 The Language Industry in the Trump Administration

TI-4 Endangered Languages: Challenges and Sustainability of Rare Language Interpreting

V-3 Maintaining Your Professional Language Skills


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