Independent Contractors

IC-1 (F, 10:15-11:45am) Leamington E - BEG/INT
Marketing Yourself to Translation Companies and Direct Clients
Kevin S. Hendzel, chief operating officer and director of language services, ASET International Services Corporation, Arlington, Virginia

Translation is a highly competitive field with no barrier of entry to the profession. As a result, there is a strong influx of new translators every year into a crowded and complex market. Translation service companies and direct clients are swamped with thousands of resumes every year from established professional translators and translator-hopefuls. This session, which is an expanded version of last year's session on the same topic, is designed to help you punch a hole through the competition and become more visible and accessible to the best clients in the translation industry. A wide range of marketing strategies for freelance translators and interpreters, from Web pages, online directories and databases, through traditional advertising and promotion, including special impact approaches unique to the translation industry (top regional directories, mailing lists, and trade shows) will be reviewed. The value of subject specialization and targeted expertise in improving marketability will also be emphasized.

IC-2 (F, 1:45-3:15pm) Leamington E - BEG
Taking Care of Business: The Non-language Side of Freelancing

Jonathan Hine, Jr., translator and writer, Charlottesville, Virginia

Freelance translators are in business. Pricing, marketing, and quality control are crucial to business success. This presentation should expose new professionals to the elements of budgeting and business management. It should also help experienced translators develop personal criteria for determining whether a proposed assignment would be profitable.

The presentation will step through a non-technical procedure for calculating a minimum price, as well as suggested ways to track translation volume and revenue, which are important for business health and tax reporting.

IC-3 (S, 2:30-3:15pm) Leamington E - ALL
Freelancers: An Endangered Species
Steven D. Myers, bilingual attorney, Novi, Michigan

The status of freelance linguists is threatened by tax collectors who place the need to collect taxes above the need to preserve the traditional definitions of independent contractor and employee. Suggestions will be provided to help preserve freelance status.


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