P-1 (T, 3:30-5:00pm) Woodward - ALL
Portuguese Language Division Annual Meeting
Timothy Yuan, administrator, ATA Portuguese Language Division, Queens Village, New York

P-2 (F, 10:15-11:00am) Woodward - ALL
Navigating the Scylla of Purple Prose and the Charybdis of Hypermodernity: Translating Alencar's Classic Romance Iracema

Clifford E. Landers, professor of political science, Jersey City University and administrator, ATA Literary Division, Montclair, New Jersey

José de Alencar's romantic novel Iracema, written in 1865, is even today required reading for virtually all Brazilian students. Based on a 17th-century historical event, it presents the concept of the noble savage in its most appealing and idealized form, complete with tragic ending. Commissioned by Oxford University Press to do the first retranslation into English since 1886, the presenter faced a rather daunting challenge: that of creating a target-language text that would speak to readers of the late 20th century while avoiding an overly contemporary style that would lose the subtlety of expression and richness of vocabulary of the original. This presentation details the task.

P-3 (S, 3:30-5:00pm) Fairfield - BEG/INT
Não Erre Mais! (No More Mistakes!)

Antonio Zahra
, independent Portuguese<>English translator, interpreter, a voice-over talent, and owner, A2Z Language Services, Orlando, Florida

This 90-minute workshop, to be presented in Portuguese, consists of myriad examples and exercises which will demonstrate some of the most common errors encountered in the Portuguese language, in both the written and spoken forms. Most of the source material used in this workshop originates from the work of a well-known Portuguese linguist, Luis Antonio Sacconi, who is the author of "Não Erre Mais!" Sacconi is a Portuguese language professor at the University of São Paulo. The title of this workshop has been respectfully borrowed for this presentation.

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