Accreditation Registration Form
American Translators Association 40th Annual Conference
Regal Riverfront Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri
November 3 - 6, 1999

Accreditation Workshop
Wednesday, November 3, 1999 - 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

The Accreditation Workshop is designed for those candidates who have not previously participated in the ATA Practice Test Program.

Due to limited seating, preregistration for the Accreditation Workshop is required. All applications must be received at ATA Headquarters no later than October 16, 1999.

There will be no Practice Test as part of this Workshop. Those wishing a Practice Test should request it through ATA Headquarters and allow up to eight weeks for results.

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I wish to take the Accreditation Workshop on November 3, 1999, for which I am enclosing $35.

Return this form with your Conference Registration Form.

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