Literary Division After Hours Cafe

Friday, 9:00 pm -??

Do you miss the '60s? Did you miss the '60s?

Do you translate poetry?
Do you write poetry?
Do you love poetry?

You're in luck. ATA's Literary Division is once again sponsoring a late evening '60s-style coffeehouse/poetry reading. We need attendees who are willing to read their own translations or original poetry (in any language). Good poetry will be venerated for its own sake; bad poetry will be appreciated as being in the spirit of the original coffeehouses.

Poetry need not be submitted: if you want to read it, we want to hear it. All are welcome. Enjoy poetry and folksinging with your ATA friends.

Contact persons: Jo Anne Engelbert, (904)460-1190, and Lydia Razran Stone, (703)768-5441.