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ATA 58th Annual Conference Registration Form

Washington, DC - October 25-28, 2017

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  This will be my first time attending an ATA Annual Conference.

  I am an independent contractor wanting to connect with agencies.

  I am an agency rep wanting to recruit independent contractors.

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  3-Day Saturday Only
Non-Member - 3-Day, Early Registration$715$360
Non-Member - 3-Day, Standard Registration$930$465
Non-Member - 3-Day, Late Registration$1210$605

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3-Day Registration       Saturday Only (November 5) $

*If you register for Saturday only, you can only attend sessions and events scheduled on Saturday, October 28. You may not pick up your badge until Saturday, October 28.

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Advanced Skills & Training Day: (Wednesday, November 2, 2016)

AST-1 [8:30am-12:00pm] [FULL]
   Long Consecutive Bootcamp: An Applied Skills Workshop for Interpreters

$150    $
AST-2 [8:30am-12:00pm] [FULL]
   Sight Translation Skills for Translators and Interpreters

$150    $
AST-3 [8:30am-12:00pm]
   Mastering PDFs using OCR and Advanced Formatting Features in Word

$150    $
AST-4 [8:30am-12:00pm]
   Seven Ways to Actively Market to Direct Clients

$150    $
AST-5 [8:30am-12:00pm]
   Mastering Technical Writing

$150    $
AST-6 [8:30am-12:00pm]
   Putting the Zing Back into Marketing Materials

$150    $
AST-7 [8:30am-12:00pm] [FULL]
   Trados Studio Workshop

$150    $
AST-8 [8:30am-12:00pm] [FULL]
   Preparing for the ATA English>Spanish Certification Exam

$200    $
AST-9 [1:00pm-4:30pm] [FULL]
   Improve Your Consecutive Note-taking for Dialog Interpreting

$150    $
AST-10 [1:00pm-4:30pm] [FULL]
   Rethinking Your Simultaneous Interpretation Delivery

$150    $
AST-11 [1:00pm-4:30pm]
   Finding the Voice in Literary Translation

$150    $
AST-12 [1:00pm-4:30pm]
   Use Your Super Powers to Get Clients Now!

$150    $
AST-13 [1:00pm-4:30pm]
   IFRS Masterclass for Translators and Interpreters

$150    $
AST-14 [1:00pm-4:30pm]
   You Want Me to Do What? Providing "Lingua-aware" Services for Global Digital Marketing

$150    $
AST-15 [1:00pm-4:30pm]
   Dancing with Dragon: Voice Recognition for Productivity

$150    $
AST-16 [1:00pm-4:30pm] [FULL]
   Preparing for the ATA Spanish>English Certification Exam

$200    $

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Advocacy Day - A Tour to Capital Hill
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Consent to Use of Photographic Images: Registering for this conference constitutes an agreement to ATA's use and distribution of image or voice of attendee in photographs and video/audio recordings.

Photography and Recording Policy: Photography or video/audio recordings (without the expressed permission of speaker) are strictly prohibited during all sessions and will result in expulsion from the conference without refund.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation requests received in writing October 1, 2017 are eligible for a refund, subject to a $25 administrative fee. Refunds will not be honored after October 1, 2017, even in the case of program changes or session and event cancellations. For AST Courses, refer to policies at

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