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ATA can connect you to thousands of professional translators, interpreters, and language companies who need your products and services. Check out our cost-effective, high-impact advertising opportunities that will get your message to the right audience.

The ATA Chronicle
The quality of ATA's premier magazine—and our audience's personal connection to it—sets us apart from any other publication in the industry. More than 10,000 readers in over 100 countries depend on The Chronicle for in-depth analyses of business trends, reliable information, and expert resources. There is no better way to reach the buyers and decision-makers in the translation and interpreting market.

ATA Newsbriefs
Another opportunity to gain visibility in the industry! Published twice a month, this popular e-newsletter is distributed to more than 10,000 ATA members by email before becoming available to non-members online. Consistently high open rates guarantee your advertising will be seen by thousands of professionals.

ATA Annual Conference
This high-profile international conference is the ultimate opportunity to achieve name-brand recognition in the language services industry! The event is advertised around the world to more than 10,000 translators, interpreters, language companies, educators, project managers, and government agencies. Onsite advertising ranges from budget friendly conference program ads to five levels of widely publicized sponsorship. You can't go wrong when it comes to advertising at the ATA Annual Conference.

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